HMSA EDI Center File Name Standard Descriptions HMSA EDI Center File Name Standard Descriptions are given in the blog for providers that submit claims electriically via EDI to HMSA EDI Center. It is strongly recommended that any provider submitting claims electronically, make the appropriate arrangements to ensure the security of the claims data being submitted to Read More →

Transmitting EDI Files (HMSA EDI Center) Via SFTP (FTP/SSH) or FTPS (FTP/SSL) Transmitting EDI Files to/from the HMSA EDI Center requires using Tumbleweed SecureTransport which supports standard binary file transfers. Make sure to use the HIPAA X12 formats when transmitting to the HMSA EDI Center. Transmitting EDI Files – Sending via SFTP (FTP/SSH) or FTPS (FTP/SSL) Log into the Tumbleweed Secure Transport server. The system will prompt you Read More →

Sending and Receiving EDI Files To/From HMSA EDI Center Via HTTPS Sending and Receiving EDI Files to/from the HMSA EDI Center requires using Tumbleweed SecureTransport which supports standard binary file transfers. Make sure to use the HIPAA X12 formats when sending and receiving EDI Files to/from the HMSA EDI Center. The file may be compressed using the gzip Read More →

HMSA EDI Center File Transfer Procedures HMSA EDI Center reserves the right to exercise prior approval of EDI submission arrangements from any source. It will be necessary for HMSA to review and approve each provider and for each approved provider to sign an Electronic Trading Partner Agreement. HMSA EDI Center File Transfer Steps (Sending a file to Read More →

HMSA EDI Data Transmission and Retrieval Procedures HMSA EDI Data Transmission procedure for asynchronous data communication: The data is generated by the provider or their representative and set up for transfer to HMSA. HMSA maintains a secure FTP option. HMSA’s asynchronous data communication allows computer systems to communicate with a front end computer that is Read More →

Submitting HIPAA EDI Transactions – Basic Procedures Submitting HIPAA EDI Transactions rules below are available for providers and their vendors who are interested in submitting HIPAA EDI transactions to HMSA for electronic claims submission, claims status, eligibility and referrals/pre-authorizations. The Electronic Trading Partner Agreement (TPA) must be signed and returned to HMSA before transactions can be submitted. The Read More →

EDI Training Courses 2018 Information And Schedule EDI Training courses offered by the Electronic Data Interchange education provider EDI Academy become more and more popular among business specialists in the USA and Canada. In 2017 we have hosted 12 educational events (24 classes) around the USA and helped many people to master new EDI operation levels. The Read More →

Saks Canada Customs Invoice Instructions Saks Canada Customs Invoice brief description is given below – you will learn how each required data field on the Canada Customs Invoice or Commercial Invoice must be completed. The data field name, as shown on the Saks Canada Customs Invoice, is underlined, followed by some equivalent commercial terms in parentheses. Read More →

EDI Compliance Checking For X12, EDIFACT And HIPAA Standard Requirements EDI Compliance Checking is the process of incoming and outgoing X12/EDIFACT/HIPAA documents validation. The documents are being checked for compliance with the established and agreed formats. There exist EDI Compliance Checking packs – frameworks that check incoming documents for compliance before they are transformed. After Read More →

MIME Definition MIME (Multipart Internet Message Extensions) defines a message format (a set of documents) represents a mechanism of sending different file types as one part or together with common mail messages. Multipart Internet Message Extensions has headers that are defined by RFC 822 and extensions to those header definitions. Multipart Internet Message Extensions follows Read More →