EDI Case Studies – Helpful Instrument For EDI Starters EDI case studies presented in today’s blog may be a helpful information for companies that are thinking about EDI implementation. EDI case studies can be used as basic examples for deploying EDI solution at one’s business. However, it doesn’t mean that the given samples are strict for Read More →

EDI Case Study Examples EDI Case Study is one of the most interesting topics that can be discussed between EDI professionals. EDI Case Study research helps to see a potential business objective and its real-life solution. Find below a couple of EDI Case Study examples – an integrated trading platform and a developing grocery wholesaler. Integrated trading platform implementation Objective: To Read More →

Dollar General Vendor Compliance: Basic Requirements Dollar General Vendor Compliance program states that Vendors will incur chargebacks as outlined in the Vendor Program for non-compliance violations to include, but not limited to: Incorrect Product: Wrong merchandise, case pack, inner pack, price issue, etc. Incorrect Information: Carton information, purchase order number, BOL, Packing List, etc. Quality: Poor Read More →

Dollar General EDI Quick Start For Vendors Dollar General EDI program requires that vendors comply with Dollar General EDI minimum terms policy. Vendor must submit valid EDI 810 invoices. EDI Invoices must be complete and accurate in the required Dollar General format. Payments made to Dollar General must be remitted to the proper delivery address. Dollar General Read More →

EDI Supply Chain Solutions Role For Managing Products Supply Processes EDI Supply Chain Solutions and Supply Chain Management in most cases may not be connected directly. So what is the relationship between EDI Supply Chain Solutions and products flow management..? Actually, EDI may be called a part of B2B business structure where it plays the Read More →

  Supply Chain Management EDI Basics Supply Chain Management EDI help businesses to spend less money being tied to inventory. It gives the possibility to control and manage the supplies throughout the manufacturing process, from one organization to the next, more quickly and effectively. Monitoring and controlling the supply chain is the main task of any Supply Chain Management EDI Read More →

Supply Chain EDI Benefits And Advanatges: Choosing The Best Option Of EDI Integration Supply Chain EDI benefits have been proved by thousands of successful results of EDI integration. One of the main obvious advantages is the reduction in large volumes of paperwork and manual interruption. Another one is the enhanced speed of documents exchange and informational Read More →

Supply Chain Management EDI System As A Tool To Control Supply Processes Supply Chain Management EDI system can be used by manufacturers and other involved parties to control the process of documents exchange such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, Advanced Ship Notices etc. Supply Chain Management EDI system facilitates the transfer of electronic business processes as Read More →

Topco EDI Invoice – Grocery Products Invoice – Received From Vendors (Version 004010UCS) Topco EDI Invoice can only be processes once. Subsequent receipt of the same Topco EDI Invoice will error out in Topco’s accounting system as a duplicate and will not be processed. Therefore, Topco EDI Invoice with errors should not be corrected and Read More →

Topco EDI Order 875 – Grocery Products Purchase Order – Sent To Vendors (Version 004010UCS) Topco EDI Order Mapping guidelines and notes given below regard to Topco 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order. Topco 875 EDI orders shipping to a Topco member will always include both PO numbers. Replenishment orders shipping to a warehouse will only have a Topco Read More →