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December 09-10, 2015  New York, NY
December 11, 2015  New York, NY
January 12-13, 2016  Chicago, IL
January 14, 2016  Chicago, IL
January 06-07, 2016  San Diego, CA
January 08, 2016  San Diego, CA
February 02-03, 2016  Miami, FL
February 04, 2016  Miami, FL
April 05-06, 2016  Chicago, IL
April 07, 2016  Chicago, IL
May 10-11, 2016  New York, NY
May 12, 2016  New York, NY
June 07-08, 2016  San Diego, CA
June 09, 2016  San Diego, CA
July 26-27, 2016  Chicago, IL
July 28, 2016  Chicago, IL
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All Industries
EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices: General
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Health Care Industry
HIPAA EDI Training class:
Health Care EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices.
Course Description
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New EDI training

Advanced EDI Training
Advanced EDI Training All Industries - Deep Into Mapping & Best Practices.
Course Description
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Advanced HIPAA EDI TrainingNew EDI training
Advanced Health Care EDI Training - Deep Dive Into Loops, Mapping & CORE CAQH EDI Best Practices.
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Custom On-Site Training:
Have a group of 4 or more?
EDI Academy will customize the course material to meet your needs.
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EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices Designed for European EDI Users.
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Gentran (Sterling Integrator) Training (on-site only):
We provide on-site or virtual mapping training for Gentran users.
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Recent Testimonials

"Michael's experience and passion for the material made the class very educational and fun. His willingness to personalize the examples to fit your company's business needs made it much more relevant and helpful. I would recommend anyone interested in EDI to take a course with EDI Academy."

Craig Rondeau
Manager, EDI Services and Support
Bridgestone Americas

"Michael is an excellent instructor! He has in depth and practical knowledge of EDI that can be used in the real world. The class was extremely informative covering a lot of material. Myself and my peers thoroughly enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it."

Machelle Holloway
Logistics Customer Service Analyst
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Instructor-Led Sessions

Introduction to EDI

EDI Communication Methods

Business Analysis and Mapping

Strategies for Successful EDI Implementation

Useful Resources

EDI Training Tips

EDI Quiz - Test Your EDI Knowledge

Mapping Best Practices

EDI Workforce Explained

Custom on-site EDI Training

Reducing Chargebacks

Enterprise Schedulers vs EDI Schedulers

EDI Scheduling and File Transfer Best Practices

X12 EDI Transaction Sets

EDI Chronology

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