EDI 835 And 837

HIPAA EDI 835 And 837: The difference between two healthcare transactions An 835 transaction, also known as Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), is used by healthcare payers to provide detailed information about payments, adjustments, and denials to healthcare providers. An 837 transaction, also known as Healthcare Claim, is used by healthcare providers to submit claims for reimbursement to Read More →

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837 Healthcare Transaction: A Crucial Component of Healthcare Data Interchange In the complex ecosystem of healthcare, one critical aspect of data exchange is the 837 healthcare transaction. While it may sound like technical jargon to many, understanding the significance of the 837 transaction is essential for anyone involved in healthcare administration, billing, or technology. So, Read More →


837 Healthcare Claim Encounter Scenarios An EDI 837 healthcare claim is essentially an electronic document, formatted according to a HIPAA standard, that healthcare providers use to submit billing information to insurance companies. There are different variations of the 837 format depending on the setting where the care was provided: Professional services: This is used for doctor’s Read More →

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HIPAA 837 Transaction: A Crucial Component in Healthcare Data Exchange From patient records to billing details, accurate and secure data transmission is essential for providing quality care while ensuring compliance with regulations. Among the many standards governing healthcare data exchange, the HIPAA 837 transaction stands out as a fundamental element in electronic claims submission. At Read More →