Do It Best Corp. GTIN EAN/UCC-8 (EAN-8) EAN-8 is the EAN equivalent of UPC-E in the sense that it provides a “short” barcode for small packages. As can be seen in the following graphic, an EAN-8 barcode is shorter than an EAN-13 barcode, although somewhat longer than an UPC-E barcode. The three barcodes above are Read More →


How EDI Works: Discovering The Advantages How EDI Works? This is a popular question usually asked by business owners, company managers, operational staff at EDI Academy trainings. Although EDI is quite widespread technology, there still remain some points to be discussed. Those who are not connected to electronic data interchange not always understand the difference Read More →


APIs Role For Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) play a crucial role in electronic data interchange (EDI) by facilitating the seamless exchange of data between different systems and applications.¬†Let’s discuss¬†how APIs are used in EDI. Data Integration APIs are used to integrate EDI systems with other internal applications or external trading partner Read More →

Trends in E-Commerce

Trends in E-Commerce that help to streamline business in 2023 Tech world continues to develop, giving its’ positive impact on business. Here are TOP-5 E-Commerce trends that will help businesses to scale and raise effectiveness. Mobile Commerce (m-commerce): With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile commerce has become an essential technology in the Read More →