"Michael's experience and passion for the material made the class very educational and fun. His willingness to personalize the examples to fit your company's business needs made it much more relevant and helpful. I would recommend anyone interested in EDI to take a course with EDI Academy."

Craig Rondeau
Manager, EDI Services and Support
Bridgestone Americas

"Michael is an excellent instructor! He has in depth and practical knowledge of EDI that can be used in the real world. The class was extremely informative covering a lot of material. Myself and my peers thoroughly enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it."

Machelle Holloway
Logistics Customer Service Analyst
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

"The two day training course "EDI fundamentals and Best Practices" was a comprehensive course that solidified the EDI day to day responsibilities that I am responsible for in my organization. The instructor was very knowledgeable and very comfortable with the subject of EDI. He was able to answer all of my questions and most specifically was able to relate to my questions from a business perspective standpoint. I really appreciated the business knowledge, SAP knowledge and how the instructor was able to tie it all together so that it was very understandable.
I feel very fortunate to have found this training in an online search. It was exactly what I had hoped for in an EDI class."

Kim Benson
Novartis Consumer Health
EDI Processor

"Great class - provided alot of basic EDI fundamentals to understand EDI better."

Sean DeVault
Sys Engineer Analyst

edi 101 course

"I've been an EDI coordinator for around a year, this course helped give me some more ideas on how to better implement EDI with my company and how to use transactions we currently aren't utilizing."

Nick Hale
Tempur-Pedic North America
EDI Coordinator

training 101 electronic data interchange

"I was looking for a place to start in learning about EDI, and the EDI academy was the perfect place."

Mike Trainor - Bosch Security Systems - EDI Coordinator

training 101 electronic data interchange

"Michael explained the EDI process clearly, he taught the class in a way that made it easy for me to understand.
My intimidation of learning segments disappeared in the first hour of the class. I left the class confident of fully understanding what I came to learn."
Mario Franco - Unified Grocers - A/P Supervisor

EDI For Grocery Industry


"Michael made everyone feel comfortable to the point where you WANTED to ask more questions.
Each question answered added that much more to the learning experience.
The mini-quiz on mapping is a fun way to quickly apply what you learned during the seminar."

Billy Gutierrez, Breville USA Operations Manager
edi training for retail industry


"This is an excellent course for individuals who will support EDI in their companies as well as individuals who want more information on how EDI can support their company’s data exchanges with their Trading Partners. It gave a nice high level overview of the types of documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payments, and HR data that can be quickly transacted with confirmation of receipt and notification of errors. It would be very beneficial for AR, AP, HR and Sales staff who want to understand the benefits and short falls of processing of electronic data through EDI."
Kelly Pope, EDI Analyst AmeriPride Services Inc
edi training dallas


"The class was very informative and moved at a great pace. The instructor involved and pulled examples from each of the participants. His knowledge of the material was vast, but he was able to present it in layman's terms. I was especially impressed with his ability to relate the material across the diverse industries represented in the class."
Brian Beesley - Draexlmaier Automotive of America - Systems Support Specialist
automative edi traning attended by draexlmaier


"The Class was well organized and it covered what EDI is how it works and the teacher was very knowledgeable"
Navid Homami - Newstar Fresh foods, LLC - EDI coordinator/System Admin
grocery EDI training classes


"The course is for everybody: beginner or expert.  I was a beginner but I learned so much from the experts that were in the class because they ask very interesting questions that the instructor respond."
Yomaira Gomez - Grifols - IT Financial Business Analyst
IT EDI Finance training


"For someone like me who is completely new to EDI, I felt the information given was great. I was able to take away a lot from this class."
Laura Diaz - Traffic Coordinator - Aroma Houseware

edi for houseware companies




"This course was excellent and demystified challenging topics like EDI mapping and charge back prevention.
I look forward to applying what I learned in the work force.
I would absolutely recommend this course!! "
Katie Lavieri - Nixon - EDI Customer Service Rep
edi training 101


"Impressive amount of material covered in a short time period, but it was easy to follow along and keep up.
Also greatly appreciated the individual feedback on our situations due to the smaller class sizes."
Joshua Larabee - Alene Candles - EDI Coordinator/Business Analyst
EDI training in San Diego


"Michael's knowledge of EDI and ability to teach at all levels is a great asset for EDI Academy."

Scott Clayton
Interface Developer


"The two-day training provided by the EDI Academy was top notch in terms of breadth of knowledge. The basics and foundations are covered to sufficient degree that one can understand the full range of core EDI concepts. These core concepts are reinforced with real life examples from the instructor's many years of experience on mission critical EDI projects. What truly made this training experience worthwhile were the detailed answers to questions regarding to the classes personal projects and listening to the questions posed by others that ensured no stone was left unturned. I would not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone wanting to obtain a firm background of core EDI concepts in the short span of two-days."

Daniel Tsosie
Software Developer
Liberty Distribution


"This two-day training turned out to be very helpful. Now I not only have a big picture about EDI, but also have some skills and techniques such as EDI data mapping. The curriculum is complete and effective, and your instruction was very clear and interesting. You are so knowledgeable about EDI, and I got satisfactory answers to all my questions. In addition, the atmosphere of the training sessions was active and relaxing. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot for this great training! I'm so glad to get the certificate!
Thank you."



"The class was extremely helpful on gaining overall knowledge on EDI. I am now more confident in my ability to work with EDI on a daily basis."

Robin Viens
North American Medical Management-IL
Claims Supervisor / EDI specialist


"The EDI Academy gave me the ability to understand HIPAA X12 files so that I could return to my organization and contribute in conversations with our EDI programming team"

Justin Simone
Senior Operations Manager


"Healthcare EDI is a less explored field. With this training, you will definitely have more insight into it."

Sr. Consultant


"Having worked for the last 13 yeas in various domains, healthcare was one where i do not have any significant footprint. It been for a sometime i was looking for a good tutorial to speed up my learning curve. I came to know about EDI Academy and imediately knew that this is ladder for success. I am glad i attended this course which is concise and to the point for starters. This has opened the whole new world of understanding healthcare industry much better."

Krishna Chandra


"This course, although basic, was very educational and easy to follow. All of the information and reading was very clear and concise. Further, the instructor was very knowledgable, friendly, and personable."

Jessica Henao
Sunham Home Fashions
Import Document Specialist



"This course was very informative and well presented. I have brought back good knowledge on EDI history and it's most used B2B transactions."

Rezwana Sharmin
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Application Analyst


"Great course. Loved the detailed approach given to each individual EDI X12 transaction, very beneficial."

Cathy Reichert
Health First Health Plans
IS Business Analyst


"I found very interesting to learn about the history of EDI, identify the fields of different EDI Documents, talk about the future of EDI and to know another EDI Professionals."

Carlos G. Figueroa
Drogueria Betances, Inc.
EDI Analyst


"Great seminar, knowledgeable trainer and vast knowledge. Really learnt a lot form the training."

Mahesh Saraswat
MKS Technology Inc, Larsen Enterprise



"Great class especially for beginners!"

Alissa Norris
Armada Supply Chain Solutions
E-Commerce Analyst


"I attended the Health care course ... Michael is a very knowledgeable person...He goes into detail dept of each and every chapter that he covers and also involves the class ... What i like about him and appreciate is that he is a very calm and patient person ..."

Swati Patel
Edi Analayst
New York


"The instructor was helpful, polite, and well versed in the subject matter. I would recommend the course to anyone needing to learn more about EDI.
He was very knowledgeable and patient. I went in with no knowledge of EDI and came out feeling like I really understood. "

Windy Starkey
Corsicana Bedding, Inc
Business Analyst




"I would recommend this course to anyone who has heard about EDI, but need a good foundation to better understand what it is, how it works and how it could be implemented in your organization."

Sid Lake
Cox Business
Tech Ops PM


"The instructor Michael had extensive knowledge of EDI across all industries. In a little known profession he was able to capture the full scope of the profession across all industries."

Michele Milkiewicz
E-Business Analyst

"The two day seminar provided all that the course outline promised. The training is applicable to what I do now and look forward to doing in the near future. The course binder is an excellent resource for further explanation of fundamentals. The seminar includes terms, definitions, and examples in down-to-earth language that someone unfamiliar with EDI or the EDI guru can understand. I hope you will consider training for the next level -- I will be there."

Loletia Watson
EDI Analyst - Foodservice
Pactiv Corporation

"Michael's knowledge of EDI and his presentations of the subject were excellent. I hope to use the information in EDI projects soon."

Wayne Powell
Wayveron II Consulting Group LLC

"Training was very helpful, learned a lot and got a better understanding of EDI. "
Rod Velasco  - Scentsible LLC - BI Developer

"The way Michael teaches this class is unbelievable! He goes into detail to make sure attendees get a real understanding of how EDI works. He is very knowledgeable and comes very well prepared with all the corresponding materials which are examples of the "Real World of EDI".  I would highly recommend this class to anybody exposed to EDI."  - Marie Belardinelli - EDI Specialist

"Before signing up I wondered if this would be helpful as we have used EDI for some time.  The course gave me excellent information and answered all my questions.  
I am more knowledgeable about EDI that before and feel confident in going forward with full implementation with all my trading partners.  
I would recommend this course to anyone who needs a better understanding of EDI and how it can help their business."
Scott Johnson - VP, Operations - Scottsdale, AZ

I am confident that after taking this class I may not be ready to write a book on EDI but at least I understand it.
I feel confident that I can utilize the knowledge I gained by taking the class to help my company grow the way they utilize the options EDI has to offer.
Amanda Williams - Dawn Foods - A/R Supervisor
EDI Training Chicago


"I took this course to learn how to read EDI documents. Being from a Data Communications industry, I work with many vendors that use EDI and
I never understood how to read the documents (untranslated). This course provided me with everything I need to understand how to read EDI
documents and to build maps if needed."
Jon Hall - Cleo Communications - Support Technician

EDI AS2 Training


"Michael was a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable on this subject and was able to break down the information for all attendees no matter the experience level. Great course to take to get your foot into the world of EDI."
Sandra Nguyen - Thunder Group, Inc, Sale Coordinator



"The class was great. I like that the attendance was small so you could really understand what Michael was teaching. Challenging and educational. I learned a lot that I can take back to our company and use in our daily practices. I would definitely recommend this course."
Kelli Arroyo  - Skywalker Trampolines, Order Processing Manager  - Salt Lake City, UTAH


"I thought that I had a good grasp on EDI before taking this course, but I now have a much better understanding. I feel like I now have the foundational knowledge about EDI to build upon. Learning how to read EDI implentation guides is what I liked most about this class."
Mike Arrington - Skywalker Trampolines, Controller - Salt Lake City, UTAH


EDI Salt Lake City


"It was an eye opener on how many fields we could use EDI for our company."
Alenjandro Paniagua - SAMTEC, EDI Coordinator, Costa Rica

"Walk you from the basics for those that are not familiar with EDI, through good practices. Great class to see other scenarios and open your mind and remind you that EDI can be implemented in any area of the company that you want to automate and reduce costs."
Christian Lange - SAMTEC, EDI Specialist, San Jose - Costa Rica

EDI Training Costa Rica

"EDI Mapping lessons were the best part about the class. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about EDI and makes learning EDI fun and exciting".
Nicole Blas, EDI Analyst, Conway, Portland Oregan

edi 101 course

"Michael Kotoyan was very helpful. I learned some EDI tips that I never knew about. This class got down to the basics of EDI purposes. There were very helpful information that I know would improve better practices for the company and save costs. This was exciting news that i wanted to share with the office as soon as I got back from training. I would definitely sign up for any advanced courses if I could."
Bonnie Meza-Tallada - Picnic Time, Key Account Logistics Coordinator - Moonpark, California


Picnic Time EDI Logo


"The instructor was very helpful in every way. He was always available to clarify any questions. Any opinions that the classmates and me share were well received. Was a nice time to share information with people from different companies."
Anthony Cruz - Inmediata Health Integrated Solutions - EDI Payer Representative - Puerto Rico


Picnic Time EDI Logo


"I liked the instructor was willing and able to answer questions. Excellent Source of information whether beginner or advanced in EDI."
Eric Hughlon - GEHA - Compliance Coordinator/Investigator - Kansas City, MO


"The class covered a great general overview of healthcare EDI in a most understandable curriculum."
Diana Sleyster - GEHA - Manager Policy & Compliance - Kansas City, MO



"Michael does an amazing job of going through the EDI documents. The class size was small enough to ask specific questions that directly affect our business and best practices on how to handle EDI issues. I would highly recommend EDI Academy and Michael for EDI fundamentals and best practices."
Becky Janicek, Buckle Inc - Vendor Compliance Manager - Kearney, Nebraska



"Very well done. I learned so much and the instructor was wonderful! ."
Bryna K Miller - American Hotel Register Company - Sr. Quality Assurance Coordinator, Chicago, IL

American Hotel eDI


"I found this class to be very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgable and able to answer all of my questions. I can now read 837 raw files with confidence. I have already recommended it some some of my coworkers."
Melinda LaBelle - EPIC Management LP -EDI Claims Supervisor - Redlands, CALIFORNIA 


American Hotel eDI


"Great instructor, very knowledgeable of EDI across industries. The class is very beneficial and almost tailored to everyone’s need that attends it."
Mostapha - Grifols - Enterprise Solutions Architect
IT EDI Finance training



"The course was very nice, Michael tried to address with each attendees work related issue during the training. It was very helpful for me to understand healt care EDI world."
Biswajit Das
HEALTH EDI Finance training


"Overall the class was an eye opener. It revealed that the edi file is standardized enough that it is transportable from one industry to another (Healthcare to Retail, etc.). The class puts the information into 'human' aspects to enforce the fact that this is simple communication at it's best when it comes to electronic data. It also helps to eliinate' the fear / intimidation that you can get when starting to work with these types of files. In addition, it assures you that active involvement with the files will support better understanding as you gain experience in looking at the files."
Tanya Williams, CareFirst BlueCross, Lead Technical System Analyst BCBS, Baltimore, MD
HEALTH EDI training


"I come from Supply Chain EDI. I can see the similarities between the structure of the documents and the vast differences in content and loops. Healthcare has its own set of terms: subscriber, provider, payer, ICD10, TR3, companion guide. It's a strange new world out there! I would recommend this class for anyone thinking of transitioning from Supply to Healthcare!."
Sherry Watanabe, L. Powell Acquisition Corp. - EDI Coordinator, Rancho Cucamonga, California


"Perfect class if you are looking to gain EDI knowledge for implementation within your company."
Tobi Hall, ANXeBusiness
EDI Training New York

"Michael brings a wealth of knowledge on multiple industry's business processes and EDI transactions. It's a very interesting course."
Mark Jantze, Account Manager, ComeEd
EDI Training Chicago

"This Instructor was amazing and easy to understand - I would recommend this class for new EDI personnel."
Jodi Fry, EDI Coordinator, Oetiker Inc.


EDI Training Marlette


"This course was a very great course. I learned more about EDI in the days of this course. Thanks for putting on such an amazing course."
Shanon Winans, Shipping Team Leader, Oetiker Inc.


EDI Training Marlette


"Instructor very skilled at the ins-outs of EDI. He was very approachable and happy to answer any questions."
Heidi Metz, Office Manager, Patternmaster Chokes, LLC
EDI Training Hollidaysburg

"Michael was a great instructor, he related the topics back to your company's systems to help you understand what we were covering better."
Jennifer Main, Data Processing Specialist, Syracuse, Indiana


"I feel like this training really launched me into EDI, coming from an IT background I really only had a baseline knowledge going into the training. I look forward to the advanced class in the future."
Mark Slagle, IT Director, Comfort Research


EDI Training Grand Rapids


"Michael is a very approachable instructor who was willing to work with everyone and tailor materials driven for their industry. There was room for discussion and exchange of ideas on technology. Keep up the good work and will definitely recommend the class to anyone new to EDI or are working in the field. Thanks much Michael."
IT Application Consultant, WE Energies


EDI Training Milwaukee, WI


"EDI Academy is very knowledgeable!!! They work though the process and teach you how to read all the documents. I highly recommend taking a course."
Nicholas Bennett, EDI Specialist, Litehouse Foods


EDI Training Sandpoint


"EDI education is very important and the fundamentals and best practices class provided more than what I signed up for. Michael is very knowledgeable and shared a great deal of business insight. What I liked most is that people from the class came from different industries and we were all given the chance to discuss real business EDI practices and scenarios."
Nic Dominguez, EDI Manager, One World Star


EDI Training Los Angeles


"The presenter is very knowledgeable about EDI. Great Course, great speaker!"
Kim Tunheim, Business Analyst (EDI), Digi-Key Electronics


EDI Training Thief River Falls


"I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about EDI! Michael was very knowledgeable and explained EDI in a way that made it easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to take EDI at their business to the next level."
Tiffany Wessel, Business Analyst, Digi-Key Electronics


EDI Training Thief River Falls


"I learned a ton from this course! Michael was an excellent instructor and covered a lot of information in a short period of time, but it never felt rushed. It was WELL worth going to this training! Thank you, Michael!"
Joel Vogt, Sr. Web Developer/EDI Maestro, Artistic Finishes, Inc.


EDI Training St. Paul, MN


"Michael is an excellent teacher and real expert of EDI. He responded to every students questions professionally and clearly such that the students were very satisfied with his responses. I would encourage Michael to publish an EDI textbook."
Ken Susanto, Manager, Sintechno, Inc.


EDI Training Hawthorne


"Michael's teaching approach for this material was easy to understand and follow. I'd recommend anyone wanting to learn EDI, to seriously consider this training; both the fundamentals and advance classes. I had limited knowledge prior to the training course and now have full confidence with anything related to EDI."
Sam Aguilar, Network Systems Manager, Juanita's Foods


EDI Training Wilmington, CA


"Great Training! Very much would recommend this training."
Amparo Briceno, McKesson


EDI Training Oxnard, CA


"I was very pleased with the content and the instructors extensive knowledge on the topic He was able to translate a very complex transaction into simple easy to understand terms. He is very personalable and a great presenter. I walked away with a good understanding of the EDI transactions and with my new knowledge I feel confident I will be able to implement them."
Veronica Vasquez, McKesson BPS


EDI Training Oxnard, CA


"After taking EDI Academy I feel that I am ready to implement EDI for our Company."
Edwin McCarthy Jr, IT Manager, North American Cold Storage


EDI Training Woodburn


"I just wanted to thank you again for the training you provided, it was really great. I have a lot of excitement built up in me to really get some EDI challenges here taken care of and improved upon since learning as much as I did in your class. Thank you again."
Michael Halpin, EDI Business Analyst, Purolator International


EDI Training Jericho


"This is the best place to learn EDI! If you are new or just starting out in EDI, this is the only place to learn it!"
Loretta Deranleau Howard, IT Sr Specialist, Weyerhaeuser
EDI Training Federal Way WA


"Great class for people new to EDI."
Josh Arstill, Business Analyst, Con-way Enterprise Services
EDI Training Portland


"I am new to EDI and had been struggling with trying to an understanding of EDI, EDI Mapping and integrations. Attending the EDI Academy training class gave me a great foundation and insight into EDI. I would recommend it to any person who is new to EDI."
Jeff Perkins, Business Development - eCommerce, MiSUMi USA


EDI Training Schaumburg, IL


"I loved this course. I haven't been in the EDI world for over 4 years. I needed a good refresher and this did the trick! Thank you!"
Miriam Tejada, Remington DBA iCoffee


EDI Training Valencia


"EDI academy was an excellent way to be introduced to EDI. Especially since I had no prior experience. It has provided me with a good base to get our EDI implementation going in the right direction."
Patrick Schallberger, CFO, Hollandia Dairy


EDI Training San Marcos


"This is a great course to introduce people to EDI. Mike is clear and has a great sense of humor. He helped me understand EDI documents and the process to read the segments. This will help me in my sales presentations going forward!"
Bill Nay, EDI Sales Representative, IDEA


EDI Training Arlington


"I knew very little about EDI before taking the EDI Academy course. After taking the course, I now have a much better understanding of EDI and the benefits that it can add to a business."
Margaret McGarvey, IT Technician, Erie Insurance


EDI Training Pennsylvania


"I appreciate that Michael was able to stop and answer any and all questions as they arose, he was very knowledgeable. I walked away with a much better understanding of the EDI process and I was able to utilize what I had learned immediately."
Terri Rjasko, Credit & Collections Admn., Tuthill Transfer Systems


EDI Training Fort WAYNE


"I enjoyed the class and had a great friendly instructor. I learned alot and obtained a better understanding of EDI in general and learned how to read raw mapping, which also helps understand some of the EDI language. The small class of 10 allowed the instructor to get to know each of us and what level of EDI we are familiar with. Overall, it was a great education!"
Angela Brunton, Customer Service, Tuthill Transfer Systems


EDI Training Fort WAYNE


"This is an excellent class regardless if you have been involved with EDI for some time or new to the field. Michael has a great overall knowledge of EDI history as well as extensive experience in several areas of business in order to be applicable to most industries and applications."
Kristen Johnson, Systems Analyst II, Greiner Bio One N.A. Inc.


EDI Training Monore


"I have learned so much about EDI industry and message mapping from this class. Excellent class!"
Richard, Interface Analyst, Interfaceware


EDI Training Toronto


"Great class. Michael Kotoyan is an excellent instructor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone wishing to learn more about the workings of EDI."
Emma Williams, Business Analyst, Atkore International


EDI Training Harvey


"The course was very informational! The discussion like atmosphere made EDI very understandable and relatable. The training tools and exercises provided were extremely helpful and were well defined. I definitely left with the tools needs to perform my everyday tasks with more confidence and knowledge."
Tia Rawls, EDI Coordinator, Husqvarna


EDI Training Charlotte


"Excellent class! Formatted to each person individually. Instructor was very knowledgeable and had great advice!"
Jesse Behnke, EDI/ AWS Coordinatior, Summit Golf Brands


EDI Training Barneveld


"Instructor customized the class by addressing or surveying each student's situation."
Jim Cammarata, Senior Specialist Technical, Chicago


"I arrived knowing very little and left feeling I had the basis to immediately start working with customers."
Edward Wikar, Business Systems Analyst, Quadrant EPP
EDI Training Reading


"Michael was very knowledgable and provided a great learning environment. Loved how the class size was small enough that he could engage the entire room."
Jenny, Office Manager, Pursuit Beverage Company


EDI Training Lake Zurich


"I found this course to be helpful to interpret EDI documentation and relate the raw data back to the claim."
Lisa Ulrich, Senior Software Designer/Implementer, Delta Dental Michigan, Indiana and Ohio


EDI Training Lansing


"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I feel like I have a better overall understanding of Healthcare EDI and best practices. I look forward to taking the advanced class in the future."
Erika Moya, Quality/Project Management, Solstice Benefits Inc


EDI Training Plantation


"Very beneficial training! Instructor was informative and engaging."
Michelle Murphy, Information Security Program Administrator, GEHA


EDI Training Lee's Summit


"Michael is a great EDI instructor. The class and material was extremely informative. I enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested to EDI to take the EDI Academy course."
Alease H. Gates, EDI Analyst, Christus Health


EDI Training Irving


"The EDI Academy classes enhanced my knowledge of the workings and purpose of EDI transactions. I can better understand my job as a Production Support Analyst."
Paul Morris, Production Support Analyst, Firstcare Health Plans


EDI Training Austin


"This course is highly recommended to all IT group that needs to know about EDI and retailers. Overall it was excellent and I highly recommend this training to my company (UTI)."
Mehrdad Pasdari, Director of IT (Canada & Mexico), UTI


EDI Training Toronto


"Great material. Michael breaks down EDI concepts so that it is easy for everyone to understand. Highly recommended for professionals trying to understand EDI."
Chun Ip, Operations Manager, Breville USA


EDI Training Torrance


"Very personalized, small class and excellent instruction!"
Ryan van Rees, Pointe-Claire, Fiberlinks Textiles


EDI Training Pointe-Claire


"Michael is an excellent coach with tons of knowledge of EDI technology and how to apply them to grow your business. Thank you very much, Michael."
Olga Baevskaia, Programmer Analyst, Global Upholstery


EDI Training Toronto


"Mike was a great teacher and the content was easy to follow. Within a few hours of training I was able to translate maps into human readable content. This course is a must for any company processing EDI!"
Sophie Barbara Desilets, COO, EDI Gateway


EDI Training Montreal


"EDI Academy provided useful information that can be applied on the job."
Elise Salvia, IT Director, ReTrans Logistics


EDI Training Memphis


"EDI Academy was a very informative - and surprisingly fun! - class. Thanks to Michael; he's a great instructor!"
Evan Urkofsky, IT Manager, PDP


EDI Training Burbank


"The EDI Training provided by Michael was very helpful."
Neha Choudhary, Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions


EDI Training Houston


"EDI Academy provided formal' training applicable to electronic business principals and best practices."
Denise Winemiller, CX Senior Program Manager, Allegion


EDI Training Kansas


"I attended EDI Academy training after struggling through the early stages of our first EDI implementation. This training clarified the EDI implementation process and removed the smoke and mirrors aspect that I had been feeling. I came away from the training with the knowledge I will need to dramatically expand our use of EDI to improve our business processes."
Tim Gleason, Business Systems Analyst, Orbital ATK


EDI Training Brigham


"EDI seemed something from Mars Planet but with this course, things got clearer and attainable. The course is appropriate and illustrations made through relevant exercises."
Ibrahima Diawara, TOS Administrator, DPW Dakar


EDI Training Dakar


"I'd recommend to someone who has pretty much zero knowledge on EDI or has just begun. Given I onboarded a 3PL and learned much about EDI over the last 8 months I did not find as much value in this, at this time. But would have been nice to have attended at the start of my project."
Emily Vance, Project Manager, Aurora Organic Dairy


EDI Training Boulder


"Michael did an excellent job giving me a strong base to talk knowledgeably about EDI."
Jim Pfannerstill, Project Manager, LifeScience Logistics


EDI Training DFW


"EDI Academy is a great resource to have for any company small and large. The course material and Instructor(Michael) made learning EDI simple. The class exercises were fun and intuitive. I highly recommend EDI Academy for anyone that has a career in EDI or is pursuing EDI as a career."
Froilan Ascano, EDI & Vendor Compliance, LifeScience LogisticsNixon, Inc.


EDI Training Encinitas


"Michael covered a wide range of EDI transmissions from both ends of the supply chain giving the class a well-rounded understanding of how EDI is a vital component for varied industries. Allowing for plenty of QA time was a bonus; allowing participants to voice their individual concerns, which in most cases were universal concerns amongst the entire group. I've already referred back to the training documents in the days after returning to work."
Kristen Johnson, Rubie's Costume Company


EDI Training Richmond Hill


"This course was very interesting and the mix of testimonials from the other attendants was helpful in bringing back comments within our organisation in promoting EDI. The change management is very difficult and the examples help in addressing internal comments."
Renee Williams, Project leader, Bombardier Recreational Products


EDI Training Valcourt


"Class was well paced. It was full of information with good resources to walk away with."
Zachary Althoff, EDI Analyst, Smithfield Foods


EDI Training Smithfield


"This is an excellent course for individuals who will support EDI in their companies. It gave a nice overview of all types of EDI documents. The course would be beneficial for all departments who need to understand the benefits of EDI."
Lynn Santarcangelo, EDI, Rubie's Costume Company


EDI Training Melville


"This course is essential for anyone who wants a comprehensive foundation of EDI. I was able to apply the teachings of the course to resolve an issue my first day back at work. No matter what your EDI knowledge may be this course is for you."
Philip Beck, Canadian EDI Coordinator, RProcter & Gamble Inc.


EDI Training Toronto


"EDI does not seem like a very easy or approachable subject, but Michael makes it very easy to understand and is very helpful!"
Nate Schwartz, EDI Representative, UW Medical Foundation


EDI Training Middleton


"Michael is a great instructor who knows the entire EDI domain. The class and materials were very professional and useful."
Mark Alinauskas, Healthcare ETL / SQL Developer, Optum / United Health Group


EDI Training Missoula


"EDI Academy training was very informative regarding all aspects of the health care transactions. I especially enjoyed the IB837 and paper mapping exercises that will help significantly in my role."
Kimberly Walters, EDI Manager, Carecentrix


EDI Training Tampa


"Michael is an excellent teacher. I learned a tremendous amount of information about EDI and it really helped me prepare for my new role as an EDI Administrator."
Chase Shelby, eBusiness Manager, North America, Saint-Gobain Abrasives


EDI Training Stephenville


"Michael is very highly trained Instructor. Learned and got most knowledge from this EDI education."
Swaroopa Matte, EDI trainee, XOX


EDI Training edison


"This was a great learning experience. It has helped me learn how to recognize different segments and loops."
Nina Krgo, EDI Specialist, McKesson


EDI Training Oxnard


"EDI Academy is a great course that provides knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied in the EDI workplace. I would recommend this course for everyone."
Jason Reed, Business Analyst, SKF USA


EDI Training Lansdale


"This course allowed a complete beginner in the world of EDI to feel comfortable and encouraged involvement and participation. From knowing nothing about EDI (yes I googled the acronym before the course) I left the course feeling like I was grasping the EDI concept, given the ability to understand the EDI process and history at 360 degree level. Michael is a phenomenal instructor, put my nerves to rest and ensured each of the class left with valuable EDI knowledge not just in general but also specific to our respective industries. I would recommend this course and the EDI Academy to all."
Davinia Paxton, Fashion & Accessory Coordinator (Chloe & Dunhill, Canada), Richemont Canada


EDI Training Toronto


"For someone with minimal EDI training I really enjoyed the level of detail that was presented in the class along with the real world scenarios that were shared. Very Good class and I would recommend it to anyone working with EDI."
Joel Jorstad, Software Engineer, Andersen Corporation


EDI Training Stillwater


"EDI Academy is the best EDI training out there. Michael is a great teacher and really knows EDI through and through. What I like about the EDI Academy versus other EDI training is, the EDI Academy does not try to sell a product and is un-bias about other companies."
Justin Alderman, EDI Coordinator, Innova Disc Golf


EDI Training Rock Hill


"Michael's in depth knowledge and experience made the class very educational. He uses real life examples to demonstrate how EDI can be implemented and used. Michael engages students to discuss their EDI experiences and offers guidance. His classes are very educational and fun."
Jo Anna Breunig, Senior Analyst, Foremost Farms USA


EDI Training Baraboo


"The introduction to EDI was very hands on. Michael was very knowledavle and had plenty of examples and stories to share."
Kathryn Punter, Supply Chain Manager, Innotec


EDI Training Zeeland


"Excellent EDI Training course. I took it to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This class pulled it all together for me."
Deb Faison, EDI Coordinator, Post Consumer Brands


EDI Training Lakeville


"Thanks to Michael and his easygoing approach and mastering of EDI, we were able to go from zero previous exposure to EDI, to reading raw data documents and identifying key fields. Real world examples made it somewhat easier to understand. Highly recommended."
Jose E. Pantoja, I.T. Manager, Luis Garraton, LLC


EDI Training Bayamon


"The EDI course provided very thorough and complete training. The exercises done in the course as a group were the most valuable part of the traning. All in all a very good training cours."
Byron Goree, Business Systems Analyst III, Sutter Physician Services


EDI Training Sacramento


"This is an excellent class for beginning and intermediate EDI customers and builders."
Chelsey McIntosh, Business Systems Analyst, Sutter Physician Services


EDI Training Sacramento


"The EDI Education course was perfect for understanding EDI at high level. Any users seeking to understand how EDI functions and how it is critical to businesses should look to attend an EDI Education course."
Vir Lim, Administrative Resident, Sutter Physician Services


EDI Training Sacramento


"Because I have over 10 years experience working on EDI, I did not expect much when I signed up for the class. However, I came away with a lot more knowledge. Thank you."
Sue Vanavech, Senior IT Specialist, Energy Transfer


EDI Training Houston


"Michael is a great instructor, he makes the class fun and dynamic but also very informative. You can ask any questions and he will be happy to explain in detail if you need more information. I believe my knowledge in EDI is better thanks to him."
Erika Chambers, Operations Assistant, Savoir-Faire


EDI Training Novato


"EDI Academy provides great trainings that are very informative and useful. Michael, the instructor is very knowledgeable with lots of enterprise experiences. He provides us with lots of useful online resources and materials. I'm very excited and confident to implement the EDI in-house."
Christina Liu, Purchasing Specialist, Samlex America, Inc.


EDI Training Burnaby


"The class is great. It's easy to get intimidated when looking at raw EDI data, but after taking the class I felt more confident in actually understanding what's inside the EDI data. Basically, it makes much more sense now. I highly recommend this class if you've been thrown into maintaining and managing EDI for your company."
Joseph Garcia, Systems Admin, Intex Recreation Corp., Inc.


EDI Training Long Beach


"The EDI training was excellent! I did not expect to obtain so much useful information from this course, but it was well worth the course fee and time invested."
Wendy Liu, Systems Analyst, Intex Recreation Corp., Inc.


EDI Training Long Beach


"I have had to self teach myself EDI over the course of the past year and was so excited when I came across EDI Academy online. There is not much out there as far as EDI training goes so I felt like I had found gold. Michael's class filled in so many gaps of knowledge I had for the 834 transaction. The way that he presents the class and teaches is very easy to understand and follow. I am so thankful for everything I've gained from Michael's class and cannot wait to apply it to my day to day work in the future. Thank you Michael and EDI Academy!"
Shannon Jezek, Data and EDI Specialist, Employee Family Protection


EDI Training Glastonbury


"As someone that has been around EDI for a few years prior to attending this course, I was very pleased with the way I was able to take the information provided in the training and use it to fill in the gaps where my knowledge may have been lacking. I feel more confident now that I have a better understanding and am excited for the opportunity to utlize the information I learned on a daily basis in my job and share that knowledge with others."
Amanda McCall, EDI Project Manager, BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas, Inc.


EDI Training Topeka


"This class was extremely helpful to understand EDI. I was a beginner but left the class feeling like I had a strong understanding of EDI. Michael does a great job of discussing information that is specific to students different industries and jobs. Great excercises and examples given in class to reinforce the information provided in the presentations. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about EDI."
Sarah Jeffery, Masterdata Analyst and Reporting, Moet Hennessy


EDI Training New York


"I went to this training with a very basic understanding of EDI for our company only. I was able to broaden my knowledge of not just my own industry, but realized how inclusive and relevant EDI is across industries. I think this was the stepping stone for a good foundation in EDI knowledge."
Shannon Rosario, eCommerce / EDI Analyst, MOL (America) Inc.


EDI Training Woodbridge


"I went into the class being lucky that I knew what EDI stood for and I left being able to read raw data."
Suzanne, Analyst, EDI, MOL (America) Inc.


EDI Training Woodbridge


"Michael has in depth knowledge of EDI. He covered a lot of ground on EDI fundamentals within the two day training program. The mapping exercises that he provides are extremely useful. I would highly recommend him for all EDI related training."
Karthik Kaveriselvan



"Michael is an excellent and experience instructor! He made the call very educational and fun. The material was very helpful. His class covers a lot of material. I would recommend anyone interested in EDI to take a course with EDI Academy."
Nalini Persaud, Supplier EDI Manager, PVH Corp


EDI Training Bridgewater


"I enjoyed the class and learning that EDI isn't "difficult". Its more straightforward then one would expect. Michael has excellent experience and knowledge in the field."
Jim Kirk, Support programmer, Innovative Software Solutions


EDI Training Grand Rapids


"I was nervous to attend this course since my EDI knowledge was very little. After attending the class and the way that Michael teaches, I had nothing to be nervous about. I gained so much information within the two days and will be taking the Advance class soon!"
Jonie Parker, SAP Generalist, ThyssenKrupp


EDI Training Terre Haute


"While going through the data, that I have looked at many times, it was good to know I was on the right track. After completing the EDI education the information made alot more sense and is now easier to read. I would recommend taking the EDI training course as a refresher or as in my experience, to learn about all the different segments and components of a file."
Alison Foos, Business analyst, Common Ground HealthCare


EDI Training Brookfield


"A thoroughly enjoyable class- strange thing to say about a very technical training course! EDI is an area where most staff find themselves "thrown into" with little to no knowledge. It is a very intimidating and frustrating situation to be in. EDI academy understood this need for educating industries who use these transactions and broke elements down in a way that was specific to our industries focus and helped us understand REAL situations that occur. From the knowledge base, to the thoughtful interactions and engagement of our questions and concerns; this course was a top notch and I would highly recommend!"
Emily T., Business Analyst, Common Ground HealthCare


EDI Training Brookfield


"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their understanding of EDI!!"
Eric DuCharme, Data Analyst, Common Ground HealthCare


EDI Training Brookfield


"Michael has in depth knowledge of EDI. He covered a lot of ground on EDI fundamentals within the two day training program. The mapping exercises that he provides are extremely useful. I would highly recommend him for all EDI related training.!"
Karthik Kaveriselvan



"I went to EDI Academy with beginner knowledge of EDI. After taking the courses, I believe I can utilize my learned knowledge and implement EDI with new customers."
Laura Garza, System and Operations Manager, Duncan Enterprises


EDI Training Fresno


"EDI Academy is very laid back, easy to follow and takes the time to allow questions and share personal experiences. Also, ensures everyone in the class understands the lesson and helps to provide resources and tools for EDI. Thank you, EDI Academy for providing a great teacher and class experience. "
Sandra Amonette, Senior Customer Service Manager, Bosma Enterprises


EDI Training Indianapolis, IN


"Michael made the learning process fun. Covered a lot of topics, answered specific question, gave suggestions and advice for specific situations, and encouraged further communication. I am trilled from the opportunity to attend EDIAcademy classes!"
Didi Sotirova, Admin, Waxie


EDI Training San Diego


"This EDI class was extremely enjoyable and beneficial to me. I learned new things and was able to expand my network of EDI professionals. The group discussions were especially helpful and fun. Listening to folks from other companies talk about their EDI successes and challenges was very eye-opening. Michael did an excellent job of sharing the information utilizing his own EDI stories and leading the group discussions. All in all, the whole experience was top-notch. Thank you so much!!"
Valerie Soderquist, Independent EDI Professional



"The EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Health Care course was excellent! I'm new to EDI in Health Care and the course providing me with the understanding and purpose of EDI in Health Care in detail. I feel as though I can take the knowledge I've obtained and provide guidance and real-time knowledge to better serve my Department. Great course!"
Tim Joiner, Data Integration Analyst, EPIC Management, L.P.


EDI Training Redlands


"Great class, lots of mapping exercise to help me easily read the information. Thank you."
Tamara Mulia, Epic IT Supervisor, UC Davis Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great material and structured class. I knew very little about EDI and after taking the course, I feel like I have a good understanding."
Denise Ferrari, Director of Claims, Tivity Health


EDI Training Ashburn


"This was a great class! The instructor always accomondated our questions and scenarios."
Pat Grieci, Systems Analyst, Corning LIfe Science


EDI Training Tewksbury



"In my 30+ years of IT, I have never experienced a seminar or learning session that was so complete. The EDI instructor had advanced knowledge in EDI, and so many other areas that intertwined in EDI. The class was more than worth the cost and the relationship with EDI Academy for life is even more important. All in all, I was impressed and would attend more learning sessions if needed. Surprised and impressed with documentation being so educational as well as real world."
Kevin Aitken, Sr. Analyst / Developer / EDI Analyst, Sally Beauty Holdings


EDI Training Denton



"Instructor is friendly and very helpful. Instructor is patient and listening to questions and provide answers"
Paul Nguyen, IT Analyst, Shell


EDI Training Houston



"Great learning experience of the EDI fundamentals."
Kalyan, Business Analyst, McLane


EDI Training Dallas



"The instructor made the EDI transactions make sense in a way I had never understood before - Thank You!"
Sarah Murphy, EDI Business Analyst, Seattle Childrens Hospital


EDI Training Seattle



"Good course for people new to EDI to learn general information on all health care transactions."
Dawne Britton-Estrada, Sr Data Analyst, VSP


EDI Training Folsom



"EDI is still relevant and critical to maximizing resources in today's business environment, and this course provides a solid foundation to understanding how it works its application."
Darwin Flores, Auditor, AAFES


EDI Training Dallas



"The EDI Academy course was something that everyone should take that is involved in EDI set up or problem solving on a daily basis!"
Craig Breitinger, Compliance Manager, Ariat International


EDI Training Union City



"The foundation class provides a great basis for both those executing EDI programs as well as those tasked with oversight of the processes. It can benefit anyone whose business process has strong ties with EDI support. Michael truly sought to accommodate the needs of his students by tailoring the class where possible."
Nicole Magart, Internal Audit Project Manager, AAFES


EDI Training Dallas



"This course is a must if you are new to the realm of EDI. Michael is a knowledgeable instructor and has a great way of relaying relevant information."
Renee Collier, Billing Product Owner, ZOLL


EDI Training Broomfield



"This is the type of course anyone that will be working with HIPAA transactions should take.."
Jennifer Whitson, Data Integrity Analyst, North Sound BHO


EDI Training Mount Vernon



"For those who work with EDI in Heath Care this is a must attend course to gain knowledge and understanding of EDI. Highly recommend the course."
Kevin C Blum, RN, Business Analyst, Anthem FEP BCBS


EDI Training Indianapolis



"With this course the EDI protocol is clearly explained."
Pedro Marquez, Software developer, Ehiss


EDI Training Mexico City



"I have a better understanding of the process and much admiration of how well our EDI staff function."
Lee Ann Rodgers, SQL developer, EPIC Management LP


EDI Training Redlands



"I attended All Industries - EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices ; All Industries - Advanced EDI classes. Course was very well structured and presented. Our Instructor did excellent job interacting with students making sure everyone in the class will get the best of it. Course was very informative, provided good guidance."
Lili Dempsey, EDI Support Specialist, Melnor


EDI Training Winchester


I highly recommend training classes by EDI Academy for any professional supporting EDI data or systems (directly or indirectly). The EDI Academy classes are well organized, easy to follow, and understand. The hands-on exercises further reinforced the understanding of the EDI file structures and the ability to locate data within EDI files."
Julie Szabo, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Fluidmaster


EDI Training San Juan Capistrano



"EDI Education is extremely helpful when trying to understand the aspects of EDI and what it entails. Taking the EDI Education course made it much easier to understand EDI and the aspects involved."
Catherine Shook, EDI Analyst, EPIC Management LP


EDI Training Redlands



"Excellent class, coverage of EDI was both deep and broad, learned things simply not taught elsewhere and one of the best instructors I've had. The class interactions was very informative, invaluable and I can honestly say really opened my eyes to the totality of healthcare data and its interactions - HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION"
Mark Rennebaum, Principal, Performance IT Specialists LLC




"I went to EDI Fundamentals Best Practices with the goal of understanding the why's behind the EDI process and filling in gaps from training provided by my colleague. The training exceeded my expectations providing the background and in depth examples. After training I can explain all the elements of an 837 and 835 and why they are important to the overall file. I will now be a smarter teacher to my fellow colleagues. I would definitely recommend Michael and the EDI Academy!"
Cheyenne Rader, Data Analyst, VSP


EDI Training Rancho Cordova



"EDI Academy provides an excellent, well organized, and conceptually constructed course accessible to novices and pros alike. Despite the complexity of the course work, Michael Kotoyan imparted his knowledge expertly. EDI in health care is still an underutilized resource in the medical community. Its potential for increased efficiency, transparency, and cost control is currently receiving a great deal of attention. Any interested party in the health care arena who does not become proficient will rapidly lose market share and become obsolete."
Raj W Raab, Neurosurgeon, Owner, North Jersey Spine Group


EDI Training Wayne


This class allowed me to understand in more detail of why we format our invoices/orders in a certain way, and allowed me to better understand the meaning behind it."
Marshall, McLane, Business Analayst


EDI Training Texas


Michael's course is truly worth the investment for anyone involved with EDI. You won't find a more knowledgeable instructor!"
Erick Guzman, Business Analayst, Workwell Technologies


EDI Training San Diego


"The instructor was very informative! He presented alot of real life experiences that: 1. Made the class interesting 2. Showed us that sometimes we need to "think outside the box!" when looking for solutions."
Steve Capello, EDI Specialist, Colosseum Athletics


EDI Training Compton


"It was great to learn the history behind the work that I do on a day to day basis. Michael was very knowledgeable, he answered every question that made the most difficult question seem simple. I cannot wait to use the tools I learned in this course to further my career."
Lawrenec Hinton, Logistic CS, E.T Browne Drug Co.


EDI Training Englewood Cliffs


"I am happy to be able to get valuable information about EDI that will help and improve my daily activities in my current job position."
David Jesus Reyes Hueramo, SAP SD Analyst, thyssenkrupp Bilstein of America, Inc


EDI Training Hamilton


"I did appreciate the training and found it very helpful and informative - many things to take back to my team for discussion and future EDI business."
Lisa Kriewald, EDI Specialist, Talking Rain Beverage Company


EDI Training Preston


"Great class!"
David Shawn Smith, National Gypsum Company, EDI Lead


EDI Training Charlotte


"The instructor Michael was very knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about EDI and shared many best practices with students."
Karen Chang, Data Analytics Manager, Healthy Start MomCare Network


EDI Training Tallahassee


"As an IT graduate I had never heard of EDI in any academic references. I think that this course is good proof that EDI education is a valuable effort and that it encompasses many different aspects of any given business."
Matthew Vergosen, Zippo


EDI Training


"I really enjoyed the depth of knowledge portrayed by the instructor and training. It helped bring clarity to the overall big picture of EDI and provided an in depth understanding of a majority of the components."
Josh Goertzen, Babolat


EDI Training


"Pleasantly surprise how much information is provide in an 1.5 hours of webinar. Easy platform to engage with instructor. Handouts were helpful. Email and phone responses were very quick to replay and scheduling was very flexible. Highly recommend the EDI Academy."
Cindy Prusa, Application Developer, Brasscraft Manufacturing Company


EDI Training Novi


"Our class consisted of mixed EDI experience levels, but the structure, pace and content spoke to all of us and promoted continued discussions between our team long after the class concluded. I came away with tips and ideas to apply in our own EDI processes, and look forward to taking the advanced course when it's available."
Nicki Merryman, Sr. EDI Coordinator, Meyer Corporation


EDI Training Fairfield


"EDI Academy offers an excellent overview of the EDI process that is a great primer for those new to EDI and a wonderful refresher for seasoned EDI programmers. On top of offering a curated tour of EDI process the classes touch on best practices and how different EDI documents can be used to increase organizational efficiency. An Excellent investment and resource."
Lawrence Schreiber, EDI Coordinator, Meyer Corporation


EDI Training Fairfield


"Michael's knowledge of EDI is outstanding. The classes we took were engaging, thought provoking and fun! I learned so much about all the segments and what they mean."
Kathy Perry, Director of Information Systems, Meyer Corporation


EDI Training Fairfield


"The EDI Academy provided a wealth of knowledge and assistance in my journey to continue to learn about EDI."
SYREETA MARLOW, Client Services Representative, Delonghi America Inc




"Very good introduction to the field."
Burke Gregory, Programmer, GKG Inc


EDI Training Riverside


"Instructor was very knowledgeable. He was fun to work with and covered just what I needed."
Shauna Hickman, EDI Specialist and Team Lead, Dental Select


EDI Training Salt Lake city


"This training was fantastic! I was so happy to find a HIPAA specific training. Micheal is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this course to anyone working with EDI files."
Misty Mastin, Data Liaison, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health Inc


EDI Training Dalles


"The training was excellent! Evenly paced learning of each file type and question/answer sessions that are adapted to your business level. I would recommend EDI Academy!"
Brittany Farrimond, Sr. Business Analyst, Dental Select


EDI Training Sandy


"Michael's experience and knowledge of EDI was very evident. He was able to breakdown information in a way that was easy to process and understand. I walked away with a better understanding of how to reduce chargebacks and how to best build our EDI team."
Amanda Kempker, Director of Operations, SKELL INC


EDI Training Santa Monica


"This class was above and beyond my expectations. The other attendees all had a good basic knowledge of EDI and it allowed us to get deeper into the code and advanced training. Michael was a pleasure to work with, and is EXTREMELY knowledgeable."
Tim Lasky, Order Processing & Fulfillment Manager, ECR4Kids


EDI Training San Diego


"Very impressed with the curriculum and instructor experience; exactly what our organization was looking for!"
Philip Flesner, IT Business Service Architect, Schluter Systems L.P.


EDI Training Plattsburgh


"Very informative and personalized"
Kyle Drummond, Business Analyst, L3 Technologies


EDI Training Salt Lake City


"I had a small grasp on EDI coming into this training. I left feeling so much more knowledgeable at the end. He covers all the main EDI healthcare transactions without making you feel overwhelmed while keeping it upbeat, creative, and fun. The worksheets he has created, ensure you are able to apply the knowledge in real life situations. I can now say, I have the ability to read raw EDI data with ease. Thanks Michael, keep up the great work!"
Kristen Liebengood, Business Consultant, MPHI


EDI Training Lansing


"This course made me more comfortable working with EDI."
Adam Howe, Support Analyst, AXIOM Systems, Inc.


EDI Training Frederick


"Very Detailed EDI Sessions."
Asif, Support Analyst, AXIOM Systems, Inc.


EDI Training Frederick


"Best EDI Class to take. It was easy to catch on and maintain the knowledge. The atmosphere was great especially with a small class it makes it easy to get one on one help."
Amber Ayala, Inventory Control Lead, LifeScience Logistics


EDI Training Irving


"This class was extremely helpful. As our company does not really have anyone with in-depth knowledge in regard to EDI it was great to finally be able to understand the data I had been struggling to understand on my own for years. Even though we use a 3rd party EDI provider I realized it is important to still understand how to interpret the raw data being sent to us. I highly recommend this course for any company using EDI even if they are not mapping in house."
Yvonne Clevenger, Sales Order Processing / EDI Manager, T3 Micro Inc.


EDI Training Venice


"Highly recommend this course if you want to learn about how the Healthcare EDI process works and how to implement it in your agency."
Nancy Hernandez, Director of Patient Accounting, Gateways Hospital and MHC


EDI Training Los Angeles


"These classes were perfect. Great content along with handouts so that one can fully understand what is presented. Asking questions and chatting with other classmates made the class fun as well as understanding what others do today. Definitely recommend this class to everyone !"
Kari Lockett, SAP/EDI SD Analyst, Refresco


EDI Training Dunkirk


"EDI Academy training course was very informative. The instruction was easy to follow with great references points and explanations. I took away more EDI knowledge then I had before the training. Thank you Michael!"
Michelle Magana, Data Communications Manager, CUSTOM PERSONALIZATION SOLUTIONS, LLC


EDI Training Chicago


"A very comprehensive course for those with some EDI background. Great resource materials provided. I have no doubt they will come in handy. Michael is knowledgeable, and made the training as enjoyable as learning about EDI transactions can be."
Maura, Senior EDI Analyst, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare


EDI Training Quincy


"Michael has a great amount of experience & knowledge to help each of the attendees taking his courses no matter what industry they are in. I like and feel good knowing that Michael offered is willing and open to 1:1 questions, he quizzed us along the way so it was interactive and he didn't hesitate to offer help after training if anything confusing/challenging comes up for us in his class, thanks Michael."
Elizabeth Hernandez-Paz, IT Support Specialist, Purolator International


EDI Training Itasca


"I have been working with EDI for a few years now, but still got "take away" information from every course."
Andrea Wheeler, EDI Manager, AliMed Inc


EDI Training Dedham


"This course definitely helped me get my head around EDI in a short time frame. I started with no EDI experience, but now understand how it works and can communicate with our retailers much more effectively. I feel confident that as my company grows, I will also feel comfortable fully implementing EDI ourselves."
Timothy Upper, Data Analyst, Ethnicraft USA


EDI Training High Point


"The classes with the EDI Academy are always well paced, easily understood, and the documentation is always spot on. Although there are some documents that are presented that we do not use, it is always good to know about them, have some function knowledge of them, and understand what other EDI documents that they work with. I have attended many classes, and have had other coworkers attend them as well. Always top notch."
Dave Creighton, Application Process Support / EDI, SKF


EDI Training Elgin


"I am happy I found EDI Academy. It was so difficult to find an EDI program where i could receive a certification for my current role in EDI. Their website is user friendly and very detailed. It has detailed information about the EDI courses offered. Michael is very knowledgeable & professional in EDI which helped a lot. The class material he provided was so easy to read and understand. Its broken down so simple that even someone who's never seen EDI would understand it ;). He made sure we understood the material before he moved on. He also advised that we can reach out to him anytime if we need help or have questions with anything after the class. I would highly recommend this course. Even if you have been doing EDI for years trust me there is something you will learn from this course."
Jesseika Boyer, Logistics & Operations Coordinator, Amoena USA Corporation


EDI Training Kennesaw


"Thank you Michael for the informative training. You showed us the end to end process flow of different EDI messages. Also the tools that you have shared will definitely benefit us to succeed. Thank you!"
Phillip Mark M. Strickland, EProcurement Engagement PM, Lenovo


EDI Training Morrisville


"The EDI webinars were presented very well and were easy to follow along with the training materials provided. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the pace perfect for me even as a beginner. Great courses!"
Kelly Everett, EDI Functional Specialist, NIBCO INC.


EDI Training Elkhart


"The EDI fundamental course was very comprehensive and both simple and in-depth. I highly recommend this course for both rookies and those wanting to refresh their understanding."
Nicholas Parker, Purchaser, EG Penner Building Centres LTD.


EDI Training Steinbach


"Michael was very informative. He was prompt and easy to get a hold of if there was any issues. Highly recommended class!"
Cara White, Belwith Products, Belwith Products


EDI Training Grand Rapids


"Great course for expanding your EDI knowledge."
Kelly Little, B2B EDI Engagement Project Manager, Lenovo


EDI Training Grand Raleigh


"This course has given me the foundation that I need in order to succeed. After just 6 days, I feel confident enough in my abilities to be able to make our EDI process more efficient. Thank you Michael!"
Michael Reed Jr, Garden State Bulb Co


EDI Training Vineland


"I came into this course with very little knowledge about the new position I was taking on in my company. With in the first couple events I was able to understand the conversations with fellow coworkers and our third party. I feel more confident and have a better knowledge of EDI and will continue to come back for more training."
Amanda Clifford, EDI Coordinator, Syndicate Sales


EDI Training Kokomo


"Excellent webinars! Lots of info for someone new to EDI and it's great to have the reference materials for future use."
Seleta Page, EDI Coordinator, Manchester Tank


EDI Training Crossville


"Absolutely love these webinars! I appreciate Michael's knowledge he shared during all webinars and resources provided for ongoing learning . Every Company could learn something from Michael!!!"
Trish Harris, EDI Coordinator, Warson


EDI Training St Louis


"The x12 educational session provided is thorough and detailed. Even if there are new things that need to be abosrbed, the lessons provide enough resources to make sure that the education sticks."
Matthew Chow, Support Programmer, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great Class!"
Bob Blake, Senior Programmer Analyst, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great examples and great instruction."
Steven Garcia, Support Developer, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Excellent coverage of the X12 transactions. Helps you learn to navigate the soruces of the information. This gives you the ability to decipher the X12 transactions and determine what is being communicated in the data."
Sean Mattes, Director of Programming, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great overview of the HIPAA EDI transactions with a very knowledgeable instructor!"
Denise Svetich, Senior Business Analyst, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"This was very informative and helped me understand the overarching X12 platform."
Alfred Raman, Senior Software Developer, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"EDI training was a great experience. I learned more through the training."
Manchal Chand, Product Development| Healthcare Analyst, Senior, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great Presentation! Presented in a way to truly understand the material."
Ross Bongioanni, Programmer, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"I definitely recommend this course for EDI professionals. The information and materials provided in the course are very beneficial and useful resources to have."
Timberly Merriweather, Client Technical Analyst, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"I started the class with a very "birdseye" view of EDI, I knew what the different messages were for and how to find the information I was looking for but not what they were named or how they were important. After the class I am now able to speak better as to where the information in the message is, what it is for, and why it is important."
Michelle Gear, EDI Support, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"Michael's breakdown of reading each type of X12 message (i.e. 270/271, 835) really allowed me to get a better understanding of how to decipher the data within these types of transactions."
Jennifer Milligan, Manager, Customer Support, Experian Health


EDI Training Sacramento


"Great Class! Taught well, and learned a ton of information."
Jimm Sander, Sr. Software Developer, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"The overall class was great, and the quiz after each section made sure you understand the information."
Tahisha Scott, Transaction Content BA II, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"Enjoyed the training. The instructor was knowledgeable and the content was interesting."
Jon Mason, ETL Developer, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"I loved the EDI Academy Training. The course came with several good resources, and our trainer Micheal took the time to hear from our employees, which made for an interactive course that I think everyone will take something home from."
Micah Jones, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"If you have no knowledge about EDI this is a great start to learn."
John Prathammavong, Support Analyst, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"This is a great onboarding training for those who may be new to the EDI world, but it also serves well for those who may need a refresher on their knowledge. I'd definitely recommend this training!"
Jessica Wilson, EDI Production Control Analyst, Experian Health


EDI Training Franklin


"This course was excellent and extremely helpful for all those individuals who are just beginning their careers in Healthcare This EDI course will take your understanding of loops and segments to the next level."
Aida Chavez, Operations Manager, Experian Health


EDI Training Nashville


"Michael's training was thorough and complete. The content was well prepared, astutely delivered, and he did a wonderful job of keeping everyone engaged and interested. The amount of knowledge shared in the 2 days was very impressive."
Dimple S Krisko, Education Sr. Manager, Experian Health


EDI Training Nashville


"Very good training. Professional development at it finest."
Lucas Jackson, SR PM, Logisticare


EDI Training Atlanta


"Michael is the rare combination of instructor who is both knowledgeable and patient, polite and straightforward. The class is interactive, meaning you can learn as much as you require or wish to pursue. Michael is a trusted resource all should be proud to include in their professional connections!"
Rob Schiefelbein



"Being new to EDI this course provided a thorough overview of EDI and all its components. From the introduction to the last session I felt the information was presented clear and easy to understand."
Jason Winebold, Vendor Compliance Analyst, Big Lots


EDI Training Columbus


"Michael provided a wealth of information on EDI in his webinars. With this information, I can see how my company in the near future can save money and create a superior EDI network with our customers and vendors."
Jeff Hierholzer, CFO, Bollin Label Systems


EDI Training Toledo


"A comprehensive and complete EDI training course that I wish I could've attended 10 years ago."




"I would recommend EDI Academy course to anyone who is involved with claims/encounters or data. The class was very helpful and the instructor provided good information and responses to various scenarios. This class never felt as if the instructor was reading to the class or was not prepared. Great class."
Donna Wells, Sr. Manager, Myers and Stauffer


EDI Training Indianapolis


"We currently only have one trading partner and working with a third-party EDI provider. I wish I would have taken this course sooner. The amount of knowledge provided through this course will be beneficial."
Elaine Ward, Dynamics Administrator, Bollin Label Systems


EDI Training Toledo


"Great Materials provided."
Cristina Wilson, Account Operations Manager, Materialogic


EDI Training St. Louis


"Awesome course, I pretty much know all the aspects of EDI after the education, and it is very practical to the my work."
Jackson Ren, Programmer, Mark Anthony Group Inc


EDI Training Vancouver


"The classes are very informative and a must for anyone that is using EDI or interested to start using EDI in their business."
Michelle DeSaro, VP, Cash Mgmt Product Mgr, Nordea Bank


EDI Training New York


"Michael is an great instructor of EDI. All material shared with the group cover the majority of topics of EDI transactions."
Jesus Ramon Sanchez Maya, Senior Developer, Transmaquila SA de CV


EDI Training Matamoros


"Good Course."
Mary Hierman, Healthcare Support Analyst, Experian


EDI Training Lincoln


"The structure of loops and segments make more sense to me now. Thank you."
Stephan Bartosh, Support programmer, Experian


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Instructor very knowledgeable."
Lenyel Sumnler, Programmer eCareCMS, Experian


EDI Training Homer Glen


"The pace of the class was just enough to grasp the wealth of information without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you."
Judy Perez, Software Support Engineer, Experian


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Great overview of transactions used in the Healthcare Industry!"
Teresa HIltenbrand, Experian


EDI Training Schaumburg


"It was a great opportunity to learn the overall X12 transaction from the training. Good exercise"
Guirong Wang, Sr. Software Developer, Experian


EDI Training Sacramento


"The course was well worth the time."
Tim Friel, Director- Client Services, Experian Health


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Anything you want to learn about EDI transactions is in this class. I knew about most of the transactions from a high level and some in detail but the presenter's detailed knowledge allowed me to connect the dots."
Cynthia Anderson, Director, Client Services - Claims, Experian Health


EDI Training Elkins Park


"I got more out of a 90 minute course then I would ever have by reading the manual. Step-by-step walk through with practical examples makes it easier to understand."
Kevin Swarts, Lead Developer, Experian Health


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Great courses. Really help me get primed to lead EDI implementations at Materialogic."
George Eye, Director of Technology, Materialogic


EDI Training Bridgeton


"I would recommend this course to any representative that has an active or supporting role as a provider, insurance(payer), practice management user, information technology, and clearing house supporting medical claims."
Denise, Self-employed



"Very good training for intermediate and experience people. Michael is very experienced and knowledgeable person on EDI beyond all very helpful and supportive throughout the course."
Vani Alice



"Useful training to get familiar with EDI contents."
Pejman Aghaiipour, Experian Health


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Very professional training and Michael was patient enough to answer each one of our questions."
Sivaranjani Karuppannan Subbarayan, Experian Health


EDI Training Austin


"It's a very complete and detailed training sessions. Michael is extremely knowledgeable about all of the different EDI types."
Matt Lowe, Senior Software Support Engineer, Experian Health


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Informational & detailed."
Laura, Contract Specialist, Experian Health


EDI Training Schaumburg


"Great introduction to HIPAA EDI for beginners and those with advanced skills."
Timothy Kappes, Owner/Consultant, Impart


EDI Training Independence


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