3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice

3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice Specification Comments

3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice comments given below provide recommendations for use when creating 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice (ASC X12 transaction set 820 for 3M). 3M can send many valid ACS X12 data segments and elements in 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice; however, these guidelines refer to some of the most commonly sent. 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice ASC X12 version is 004010. If you cannot receive invoices in version 004010, please consult your 3M EDI contact for information on other ASC X12 versions supported by 3M.

820 Payment/Remittance Advice transaction set can be used to make a payment, send a remittance advice, or make a payment and send a remittance advice. This transaction set can be an order to a financial institution to make a payment to a payee. It can also be a remittance advice identifying the detail needed to perform cash application to the payee’s accounts receivable system. The remittance advice can go directly from payer to payee, through a financial institution, or through a third party agent.

General recommendations

  1. Provide the total amount of payment for all invoices and adjustments in BPR02. This is the EDI equivalent to the total check amount.
  2. Send one RMR segment per 3M invoice, 3M debit memo, or 3M credit memo. Multiple RMR segments can be sent per transaction set.
  3. Send one ADX segment per payer-initiated adjustment memo. Multiple ADX segments can be sent per transaction set.
  4. Always provide 3M’s seven-digit invoice number, debit memo number or credit memo number on the RMR segment in RMR02. This number is required by 3M to automatically process customer payments. 3M’s invoice numbers are two alpha characters followed by five numeric characters. 3M’s debit memo and credit memo numbers are two alpha characters, four numeric characters, and one alpha character.
  5. Provide the amount being paid on the 3M invoice or debit memo or the amount being deducted on the 3M credit memo in RMR04. Likewise, provide the amount being paid or deducted on the payer-initiated adjustment memo in ADX01.

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