3M EDI Advanced Ship Notice

3M EDI Advanced Ship Notice Guides (TD Segment- Carrier Details)

3M EDI Advanced Ship Notice transaction set uses hierarchical levels or “HL loops”. At present, 3M sends either the Shipment/Order/Item or the Shipment/Order/Tare/Item structure. The Shipment/Order/Tare/Item structure is only used if 3M is also providing the SSCC-18 serial number and bar coded label. Find some TD Segment (Carrier Details) guidelines below.

3M EDI Advanced Ship Notice (856 Ship Notice/Manifest transaction set) allows 3M to send shipment notification to vendor company electronically via EDI.

Segment TD1 Carrier Details (Quantity and Weight)

  • Used to specify the transportation details relative to commodity, weight, and quantity
  • Syntax Notes:
    • If TD101 is present, then TD102 is required.
    • If TD103 is present, then TD104 is required.
    • If TD106 is present, then TD107 is required.
    • If either TD107 or TD108 is present, then the other is required.
    • If either TD109 or TD110 is present, then the other is required.
  • 3M Example(s): TD1**25*****79*LB^

Element TD503 will contain the SCAC code of the carrier for this shipment.

Segment TD5 Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)

  • At least one of TD502 TD504 TD505 TD506 or TD512 is required.
  • If TD502 is present, then TD503 is required.
  • If TD507 is present, then TD508 is required.
  • If TD510 is present, then TD511 is required.
  • If TD513 is present, then TD512 is required.
  • If TD514 is present, then TD513 is required.
  • If TD515 is present, then TD512 is required.
  • Semantic Notes:
    • TD515 is the country where the service is to be performed.
  • Comments:
    • When specifying a routing sequence to be used for the shipment movement in lieu of specifying each carrier within the movement, use TD502 to identify the party responsible for defining the routing sequence, and use TD503 to identify the actual routing sequence, specified by the party identified in TD502.

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