Mobile EDI

Mobile EDI Solution For Comfortable Customer Usage

Mobile EDI solutions serve as a comfortable instrument for using electronic data interchange in full power. Unfortunately, mobile EDI applications were not prior when developers were thinking about successful EDI implementation. However, as EDI grows and develops, the need for comfortable control instruments becomes urgent.

Earlier it was difficult to imagine that one can control the full supply process with the help of mobile application. But today it is obvious that remote control is easier and more efficient for a modern business person. Check out delivery status or complete a purchase order being in a traffic-jam is a very, very positive feature, isn’t it? The result of such constantly growing needs is a fast development of mobile EDI applications. However, the size of mobile devices became a stumbling block – not all operations are easy to monitor on a small screen. Tablet computers played their positive role – a compact take-with-you device with enough screen area. Good alternative to stationary computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Mobile devices made many companies develop their own corporate mobile applications allowing their trading partners interact easily. Supply chains became “mobile-addicted” and this raises mobile EDI applications development.

Recently, some successfully implemented mobile EDI apps proved that the supply chain flow can (at least partially) be controlled with a mobile phone. For example, a warehouse staff can scan the barcode on a carton, create an EDI invoice and send it to a customer. A good perspective. The file is being transferred to the receiver, the receiver opens the document or sends it to the accounts payable department. The invoice is paid and further electronic actions and documents are created and sent…

Such results of the mobile EDI implementation can reduce time for documents creation and exchange from 1 hour to 15 minutes. In general this can accelerate all supply processes and make them more effective.

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