7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification: Batch and Real-Time Usage

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification transaction can be sent and received by two common methods – batch and real-time.  In a batch mode the sender does not remain connected while the receiver processes the transactions. Processing is usually completed according to a set schedule. If there is an associated business response transaction (such as a 271 Response to a 270 Request for Eligibility), the receiver creates the response transaction and stores it for future delivery or transmits the response transaction back to the sender of the original transaction. The sender of the original transmission reconnects at a later time and picks up the response transaction if the transaction was not transmitted back to the sender of the original transaction. In a real-time mode the sender remains connected while the receiver processes the transactions and returns a response transaction to the sender.

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification Version Information

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification implementation guidelines are based on the October 2015 ASC X12 standards, referred to as Version 7, Release 3, Sub-release 0 (007030). The unique Version/Release/Industry Identifier Code for transaction sets that are defined by this implementation guide is 007030X344.

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification Functional Identifier Code

The two-character Functional Identifier Code for the transaction set: HB Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information (271).

The Version/Release/Industry Identifier Code and the applicable Functional Identifier Code must be transmitted in the Functional Group Header (GS segment) that begins a functional group of these transaction sets.

7030 271 Premium Payment Grace Period Notification Standard

ASC X12 standards are developed to identify the broadest data requirements for a transaction set. Type 3 Technical Reports (TR3) define explicit data requirements for a specific business purpose. Trading partners who implement according to the instructions in this TR3 can exchange data with multiple trading partners in a consistent manner. Trading partners define their specific transport requirements separately. Neither ASC X12 standards nor TR3s define transport requirements.

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