810 EDI Invoice

810 EDI Invoice Recommendations For 3M Suppliers

810 EDI Invoice recommendations provide basic description and some data segments technical lay-out comments for creating 3M 810 EDI Invoice (EDI ASC X12 transaction set 810). 3M can accept many valid ASC X12 data segments and elements in 810 EDI Invoice, however, we mention only those that are most commonly used. The ASC X12 version of the 810 EDI Invoice is 004010. If you cannot generate invoices in 004010, please consult your 3M EDI contact for information on other ASC X12 versions accepted by 3M.

810 EDI Invoice transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the billing for goods and services provided

810 EDI Invoice general comments

  1. Send only the data that is required to process the invoice. Do not send data segments or elements that have been labeled “not used”.
  2. Do not send text or note data. Such data is usually not machine processable and diminishes the advantage and efficiency of electronic data interchange while increasing network costs.
  3. 3M will use your sender IDs referenced in ISA06 and GS02 elements to map to your internal identifiers. All remit to locations require the nine digit zip code in element N403 which will be used to further identify the correct remit to location.
  4. Maintain the integrity of 3M purchase order numbers including leading zeros.
  5. Maintain the integrity of the 3M purchase order line item number on all invoices.
  6. If you are able to collect tax, please provide data in the TXI segment. If you are unable to provide the state or other taxing jurisdiction code in TXI05, 3M must rely on the code in N402 within the “ship to” loop to determine which taxing jurisdiction is involved. If you are unable to collect tax, 3M will self-assess.
  7. All invoices with bill to address of PO Box 33121 should be transmitted via EDI. 8. All text must be in UPPER case.

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