810 Invoice Tractor Supply Company successful EDI implementation procedures

810 Invoice Tractor Supply810 Invoice Tractor Supply Company (further TSC) you receive from TSC is numbered in sequence. If you receive multiple types of EDI documents from TSC, you should also check your group (GS) control numbers. GS control numbers are incremented individually by document, whereas ISA control numbers increment globally for all documents. If the control numbers are out of sequence, you are most likely missing an envelope of data. If you question the validity of your translated data, please compare your translated data to your raw data (before translation). This process should identify from where the problem is originating, your translation or TSC’s system.

If you need data retransmitted, call your VAN and have them restore the data you need. Once the data has been restored, you should pick up the data from the VAN. There may be a limited restoration window. You should check with your chosen VAN for their individual archiving procedures. Also, there may be a fee for restoration of data. It is your responsibility to choose appropriate archiving procedures based on your EDI processing schedule.

810 Invoice Tractor supply format

TSC expects the basic invoice format. One invoice, detailing the items shipped and billed, should be sent for each purchase order you receive. TSC does not accept credit or debit memos via EDI.

810 Invoice Tractor Supply item identification

TSC requires the following product identifiers for invoices for regular PO’s:

  • TSC Item Number (TSC SKU Number)
  • Your Item Number (Vendor Part Number)
  • Item UPC Code.

TSC can provide a product cross-reference list containing the above information. If you are transmitting an invoice for a TSC special order (phoned from the store), TSC requests that you identify your items using vendor part numbers and UPC codes.

810 Invoice Tractor Supply  testing procedures

While testing EDI invoicing, you must still send your paper merchandise invoices for payment to:

Tractor Supply Company
P O Box 7000
Brentwood, TN 37024

Test EDI invoices will not be forwarded for payment!

Be sure to thoroughly test your data internally. Your data should comply with ANSI X12 standards before testing. Please do not send untested 810 transactions. When test 810 invoices are sent, the ISA15 (test indicator) should be a “T” for test.

There are two phases for invoice testing with Tractor Supply:

Phase I is syntax testing. A Tractor Supply EDI analyst will review your test invoices for syntax compliance. The analyst will verify that all mandatory data elements are populated. They are populated according to VICS EDI standards and TSC mapping guidelines. If you have compliance issues, you will be notified via email. This is an iterative process until your invoices are syntactically compliant.

Phase II is content testing. After completion of Phase I, your test EDI invoices will be forwarded to our application test system (SAP). Accounts Payable will review them for content against the originating purchase orders. AP will validate that the PO numbers are valid, terms match the PO’s, all product identification numbers match TSC system, the invoice totals are correct, etc. AP will provide feedback to the EDI analyst and the analyst will communicate back to you. This, too, is an iterative process. AP may require 2 – 3 independent batches without content errors before giving the approval for production.

In addition to regular invoices, you may be requested to test special order invoices during the invoice testing process. Special orders are phoned or faxed in from our stores and are not received via EDI. However we do expect to receive invoices for the special orders via EDI. Special order PO numbers are 7 digits in length and begin with an “8”. As part of invoice testing, TSC will go through the process of data alignment with your company. TSC will send you a file of everything the company currently sells for your company that is assigned a Tractor Supply article number and ask that you review the file for any changes needed for the vendor part number (your item number) and/or the UPC number.

810 Invoice Tractor Supply implementation procedures

Once both TSC and you agree to move the invoices to a production status, you will receive a confirmation letter from the EDI analyst. Hard copy merchandise invoices will no longer be needed. Production EDI invoices must be transmitted with a “P” in the ISA15. TSC’s EDI merchandise invoice process is monitored on a daily basis. If an invoice is rejected because it does not pass X12 Standards compliance checking, a TSC EDI analyst will contact you with the control number(s) and error detail. If an invoice has content errors, the TSC AP Department will contact you. You will need to resend the corrected invoice data so that your invoice(s) will be paid. X12 standards require you to monitor 997s (Functional Acknowledgments) to ensure that your invoices have been received by TSC’s EDI system. 997s will be sent for all transmissions received.

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