810 SOS Invoice

810 SOS Invoice Lowe’s Requirements

810 SOS Invoice guidelines include the Invoice data requirements for submitting invoices for both Stock and SOS purchases orders shipped for Lowe’s. The SOS Invoice should include the same SOS PO line items with any of the following charges, if applicable.

Lowe’s accepts only the following additional charge in the SAC segment; any other charge will cause the invoice to reject in CommerceHub.

  • Excise Tax for Hawaii and Alaska only
  • California Carpet Stewardship Assessment Fees
  • Environmental Protection Service

The vendor’s SOS item should have all charges built into the cost of goods as approved by Lowe’s Merchandising Team. Upon receipt of a Lowe’s SOS PO, the vendor should ensure each line item on the PO encompasses all costs before submitting an order status. If an additional charge is realized, the vendor may contact the store to review the SOS PO or submit an Invalid Item data exception in the order status. When a data exception is submitted, the original PO must be cancelled and a new PO released if the additional costs are approved by the store/customer.

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