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Total Monetary Value Summary for 810 Invoice – TDS

The purpose of this post is to decipher the TDS segmenton an 810 Invoice. The purpose of the TDS segment is to specify the total invoice discounts and amounts. This segment is not like other segments which contain dollar ammounts.

Before we decipher the TDS segment, let’s consider the following 810 invoice.

Note: The following EDI Transaction contains raw data.  If you don’t know how to read raw data then you should consider taking our online webinars. Another option is to sign up for our EDI Viewer.

ISA*00*          *00*          *12*5597844444D    *08*6111470200     *181130*0934*U*00401*000000320*0*P*>
BIG*20181130*75213001*20181115*0916-9852299-0996 = Invoice Date, Invoice Number, PO Date 20181115, PO# 0916-9852299-0996
REF*IA*0057216 = Vendor # IA, Vendor Name
REF*DP*916 = Department Number DP
N1*BY*MERVYN’S DISTRIBUTION CENTER*92*0996 = BY – Buying Party (Purchaser), 92 – Assigned By Buyer, DC Location Code 0996
ITD*01*2*15**15**30   = Basic Payment Terms 01, Start on delivery date 2, Discount % 1.5, Discount Days Due 15 Net Days 30
DTM*011*20181115 = 011 – Date Shipped
IT1*1*24*EA*16**CB*916960790*UP*088300104406 = Line #1, 24 Eaches @ $16.00, Buyer’s Catalog # CB, UPC
CTP*RS*RES*45 = Resale Price of $45
PID*F*08***BLACK M FLAME FLEECE LOWRIDER = Product Description
IT1*2*36*EA*16**CB*916960791*UP*088300107407 = Line #2, 36 Eaches @ $16.00, Buyer’s Catalog # CB, UPC
CTP*RS*RES*45 = Resale Price of $45
PID*F*08***BLACK L FLAME FLEECE LOWRIDER = Product Description

TDS*97000*96000*81600*14400 = See Bellow
CAD*M***FXFW*FEDEX FREIGHT WEST**BM*1130050996 M Motor Freight, FXFW – SCAC Code, BM Billing of lading number
SAC*C*D240***2000*******02***Freight Charge = C Charge, D240 Charge Code for Freight, $20.00 AMT, 02 Off Invoice
SAC*A*A530***1000*******02***Container Allowance = A Allowance, A530 Allowance Code for Re-Order Allowance, $20.00 AMT, 02 Off Invoice
ISS*60*EA*80*LB = Invoice Summary, 60 EACHES total, 80 LB
CTT*2 = Line count of 2 Count(IT1)

Data Type N2 means two decimal places are implicit and the decimal symbol is not sent.
All data elements in the TDS are called “Amount” with a semantic note explaining each amount purpose:
TDS01 Invoice Amt (incudes Charges/Allowances SAC05) SUM(IT102*IT104) = $970.00. Only required if the dollar value subject to discount is not equal to the dollar value of TDS01.
TDS02 Total Merchandise Invoice Amt SUM(IT102*IT104) = $960.00
TDS03 is the amount of invoice due if paid by terms discount due date ($960.00 TDS02 less cash discount of 1.5 %).
TDS04 is the total amount of terms discount $144.00

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  1. Is the total amount of terms discount price correct? I’m not finding where the math adds up

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