830 EDI Forecast

830 EDI Forecast Transaction

830 EDI Forecast transaction communicates the generic blanket order purchase number and both firm and planned demand. Oshkosh Corporation communicates 52-weeks of planning data (both firm and planned orders) to suppliers on a weekly basis. The supplier will receive their 830 EDI Forecast Transaction on Mondays shortly after noon.

The 830 Forecast Blanket release quantities and finite purchase order quantities are sent per Oshkosh Corporation ship-to locations. Data is specific to Oshkosh business unit and should be handled individually from each other. If an item has a blanket purchase order but no firm data nor planning data, Enterprise EDI will communicate zeros for the first transmission and then consider the blanket purchase order cancelled suppressing future data transmissions. If an item on a blanket purchase order has some firm or planned demand, this demand will be transmitted but zero quantities will not. Past due orders will be communicated in a “past due” bucket on the 830 Forecast. Obviously past due orders signal a late order and should be managed and resolved expeditiously.

Information not communicated on the 830 EDI Forecast Transaction

Because the 830 Forecast is primarily for planning purposes, blanket purchase order release numbers are not provided. Instead this information can be found on the 850 Purchase Order for the PO Release.

How to use the information on the 830 EDI Forecast Transaction

The supplier should use the information on the 830 Forecast to plan fulfillment of Oshkosh orders. Also, the supplier should utilize the forecast information to look-ahead and see possible increases or decreases in demand. As a reminder, the 830 Forecast is a one-way transaction from Oshkosh Corporation to the supplier.

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