832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping

832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping Notes (Town Shoes EDI Program)

832 Price/Sales Catalog Mapping user notes will help all Town Shoes EDI vendors to create EDI maps according to the set requirements (X12/V4010/832).

EDI General Information:

  • AS2: Available
  • FTP: Preferred Portal: https://www.connectspice.com/portal/
  • ISA Qualifier: ZZ
  • Test / Production: T or P
  • Standards: ANSI X12 Version 4010

Please make every effort to send as much of the optional data included in Town Shoes mapping specification as possible, in order for Town Shoes to uniquely identify your items. Although your 832 may be successfully processed, Town Shoes may request additional data elements to facilitate data matching in their system.

CATALOGUE SUBMISSION and TESTING: As Town Shoes has a time sensitive internal process of matching your barcodes to their SKUs, the sooner the catalogue is submitted, the faster Town Shoes can finish their side of the process. Town Shoes is unable to send a live purchase order until this has taken place successfully. If your company uses a third party to host your catalogue, please reach out to your provider and instruct them to transmit your EDI 832 to SPICE on your behalf. Please note that it is solely your responsibility to have your 3rd party provide the automated 832 in the guidelines issued by Town Shoes. EDI 832 transmissions must be fully automated. Neither Town Shoes nor SPICE representatives will download your catalogue files manually from any catalogue site. If any problems are foreseen, please let SPICE know immediately.

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