834 Test File Validation

834 Test File Validation

Prevea360 will review and test all trading partner files with Optum Transaction Testing Service to perform SNIP level validations to ensure that transactions are valid using the following testing categories.

  • Integrity Testing
  • Requirement Testing
  • Balancing Testing
  • Situation Testing
  • Code Set Testing
  • Product Types/Types of Service Testing.

The EDI team will work directly with trading partner to eliminate all identified validity and scenario errors.

Approval for Submission

Upon successful test results, Trading Partners will be notified of approval and a mutually agreed upon production go-live date will be established. Production credentials will also be sent at this time.

Connectivity / Communications

FTP client software should be used to connect to our FTP server. Entering Prevea360 FTP Address in the Address Bar of an internet browser will not allow you to access FTP server.

Communication Protocols

You can connect with us through the following method:

  • SFTP/SSH – Set up your connection using the FTP address, Username, and Password.
  • For the type of connection, select SFTP/SSH.
  • The first time that you connect, you will need to Trust the SSH Server Key.
  • If you have a Network Firewall at your location that is blocking your ability to connect, your Network Administrator will need to open up the following:
    • Port 22 to IP address ftp.deanhealthplan.com and ftptest.deanhealthplan.com.

To learn more about EDI testing and become a certifiedĀ  EDI Professional please visit ourĀ course schedule page.

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