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Medical Associates Health Plans and Health Choices (835 EDI Transaction)

The payer ID for Electronic Remittance Advice transactions is MAHC1. Below are the plans either owned or administered by MAHP/HC/Live360. These plans will be referred as MAHP/HC/Live360 in the document hereinafter:

  • Medical Associates Health Plan
  • Medical Associates Health Plan Community Health Plan
  • Medical Associates Health Plan Medicare Plan
  • Health Choices
  • Live360 Health Plan

MAHP/HC/Live360 does not offer testing for ERA 835 transactions. After provider enrollment with Payer ID MAHC1, providers will establish file transfer protocol with Change Healthcare. If a provider experiences any issues with the electronic remittance, he should contact Change Healthcare via On 24/7.

The process flow for 835 transactions will involve three entities – MAHP/HC/Live360, Change Healthcare and the provider or provider’s clearinghouse. Change Healthcare will serve as an intermediary between the receiver and MAHP/HC/Live360, exchanging the electronic remittance advices and electronic payments through their secure connections with both entities.

If a previously delivered ERA needs to be re‐downloaded, the provider can use the Change Healthcare self‐service “ERA Re‐queue” tool located on Change Healthcare’s support site On 24/7.

The provider or provider’s clearinghouse determines the method of communication with Change Healthcare during the Change Healthcare kick off call. Communication is typically the same as claims, unless the provider or clearinghouse are upgrading. Change Healthcare uses CORE internet Services (ITS‐CORE).

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