837 edi transaction

837 EDI  Transaction Structure – Functional Group Header (GS)

837 EDI transaction general envelope structure is described in the previous post. Below find the exact description of the Functional Group Header (GS). This is the second segment of all EDI transactions including 837 EDI transaction. The purpose of this segment is to be able to group similar transactions in an interchange envelope. In the example above, there is only one type of transaction, 837 EDI transaction. However if there was also another transaction, such as a ‘999’ Implementation Acknowledgement, it would grouped under its own group with GS*FA.


GS-01: In the example above, GS01 represents ‘HC’ for Health Care Claim as the functional identifier code. That means all the documents between the GS and the GE segment will be grouped as claims. Some other examples of other GS01 entries could be ‘HP’ for Health Care Payment and ‘BE’ for Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance.

GS-02: This is the sender’s ID. In this example it is the same as ISA-06. This ID will typically be the same as ISA-06; however, some companies chose to create a unique ID in GS02, for example, to separate different business divisions.

GS-03: This is the receiver’s ID. In this example it is the same as ISA-08. This ID will typically be the same as ISA-08, though some companies choose to create a unique ID in GS03. This might be done to identify different business divisions.

GS-04 and GS-05: GS04 is the date the transaction was transmitted expressed as CCYYMMDD. GS05 is the time the transaction was transmitted expressed as HHMM. Typically the dates and times will match the ISA segment.

GS-06: Is the group control number and must match GE-02. This number should be unique and should not be re-used for at least 3 years. This number is different from the ISA control number in ISA-13.

 GS-07: Is the EDI standards agency, X stands for X12.

GS-08: Is the EDI version “005010X222A1” positions 1-6 005010 represent the ASC X 12 Procedures Review Board publications. Positions 7-13 X222A1 represent industry and trade association identifiers. Again, in EDI shorthand this is referred to verbally as the “50-10” release.

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