850 EDI transaction

850 EDI transaction testing and implementation notes

850 EDI transaction is used in the basic purchase order format. One 850 EDI transaction will be written for each store or distribution center detailing the items to be shipped to each location. TSC will produce the following product identification format:

  • TSC Item Number (TSC SKU Number)
  • Your Item Number (Vendor Part Number)
  • Item UPC Code.

Should any of these three fields be unavailable in TSC’s cross- reference tables, the field will be omitted.

TSC is constantly adding new store locations. TSC will transmit an SAC header segment with a code of “OHNS” in the SAC04 on orders sent prior to the store opening date. TSC trading partners are responsible for having a process in place to identify new store orders using this flag. Also, the N3 and N4 segments will be transmitted on these orders giving you the address on the initial order. After the store has opened, the address is no longer transmitted on the PO.

850 EDI transaction data not transmitted

The following information is not transmitted in an 850 EDI transaction:

  • Ship-to address
  • Remit-to address
  • Buyer’s name
  • Buyer’s notes
  • Special handling
  • Shipping or routing instructions
  • Allowances/discounts (separately)
  • Item description

This above information should be agreed upon between the vendor and TSC prior to EDI testing.

850 EDI transaction testing procedures

As soon as you are ready for testing, you should contact TSC to schedule testing.

For the PO test:

  1. TSC will transmit two test POs in ISA 000000001.
  2. A “T” will be transmitted in ISA15 to indicate the POs are test data.
  3. One of the POs will be for an existing site and one will be for a new site.
  4. TSC will expect to receive a functional acknowledgment back from you the following business day in ISA 000000001.
  5. Once TSC successfully receives the functional acknowledgment, the company will send an email asking if you are ready to be moved into production on EDI POs.
  6. Prior to moving to production, please make sure:
    • You have a cross reference in place for TSC site numbers so you will know where to ship the orders.
    • You have data retention at your VAN so you can track data and retrieve it again if there is a problem on your end.
    • You are able to resend an acknowledgment if TSC does not receive it the first time.
    • You completely understand the information transmitted on TSC generic test POs and that they contain all the data elements you need to be able to process orders.

850 EDI transaction implementation procedures

Once both TSC and you agree to move to a production status on EDI POs, you will receive a confirmation letter from the EDI analyst. Production EDI POs will be transmitted with a “P” in the ISA15.

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