EDI 855 Ack

Code specifying the type of acknowledgment

The 855 PO Acknowledgment is the only EDI acknowledgment available for the 850 Purchase Order. To The BAK segment is used to indicate the beginning of the Purchase Order Acknowledgment Transaction Set. The BAK02 data element has the PO Ack Type codes.

You will also find the data element used in an 865 – Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated transaction.

Complete List of PO Ack Type Codes

AC Acknowledge – With Detail and Change
AD Acknowledge – With Detail, No Change
AE Acknowledge – With Exception Detail Only
AH Acknowledge – Hold Status
AK Acknowledge – No Detail or Change
AP Acknowledge – Product Replenishment
AT Accepted
NA No Acknowledgment Needed
RD Reject with Detail
RF Reject with Exception Detail Only
RJ Rejected – No Detail
RN Rejected – Not as Agreed
RO Rejected With Counter Offer
RV Rejected – Violates Industry Practices
ZZ Mutually Defined

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