856 Advance Ship Notice In EDI With Party City

856 Advance Ship Notice856 Advance Ship Notice transaction is used to provide Party City with advance data on the shipments of products so Party City may better plan workloads and receipt processing. The ship notice may be sent no later than the time the shipment leaves the trading partner’s shipping area. The ship notice must reflect exactly the product and quantities by carton being sent on the truck as it leaves the trading partner shipping area. Party City requires one PO be associated with each ASN, however, you may have multiple ASN’s associated to one PO. The ship notice must arrive electronically before the physical shipment arrives at the store.

Shipments received without an ASN are subject to penalties. The ship notice does not exceed the scope of the bill of lading (BOL), nor does it replace the bill of lading. All small parcel shipments must contain tracking numbers. All United States vendors shipping to Party City Canada stores will ship goods to the consolidation warehouse address indicated on the Party City Bill To Ship To list for Canadian stores. The ASN carton label will indicate the consolidation warehouse in Box 2 of the carton label, and the mark for address will appear in Box 10 of the carton label.

In order to systematically match an ASN receiving transaction to its corresponding invoice, the Ref SI segment is a mandatory segment used to identify a received carton from a specific ASN shipment to its exact intended invoice. This is particularly useful in situations where there are multiple shipments/invoices against a single PO. The Ref SI segment must be the same for the ASN (856) and the Invoice (810) and must be unique to each shipment.

All cartons associated with an ASN must have the Party City approved GS1-128 label that matches the carton ID on the ASN. ASNs must be received and processed by Party City prior to shipment arrival at receiving facility. If trading partner’s ASN has not been acknowledged, trading partner must follow up immediately to ensure the EDI document has been received at Party City prior to shipments arriving at the Party City location.

Data Fields on the 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN)

Header Fields

  • Vendor Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Shipment Number
  • Shipment Date
  • Shipped Date
  • Carrier Details
  • FOB Shipment Method of Payment
  • FOB Description
  • Ship Point Zip Code
  • Scheduled Receipt Date
  • Pro Number or Tracking Number
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Invoice Number – optional
  • Number of Cartons
  • Weight
  • SCAC Code
  • Ship to Store Number
  • Ship to Address
  • PO Number
  • Shipment to Invoice ID (REF*SI)
  • PO Date
  • FOB – CC for Collect or PP for Prepaid

Detail Fields

  • Carton Number (Pack Level)
  • Line Number
  • Vendor Item Number
  • UPC
  • QTY – as appears on PO
  • Unit of Measure – selling unit of measure.

To learn more about EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice including mapping guides, please visit our course schedule page.

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