856 Advanced Ship Notice

856 Advanced Ship Notice (Oshkosh Suppliers)

The 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) process area represents clear communication from suppliers to Oshkosh Corporation regarding inbound freight. The 856 Advanced Ship Notice will allow Oshkosh Corporation facilities to better plan and manage their inbound activities.

The 856 Advanced Ship Notice is a one-way transaction from the supplier to Oshkosh Corporation. It is the expectation of Oshkosh Corporation that an ASN be generated and sent within 15 minutes of the product leaving the supplier’s facility OR prior to Oshkosh receiving the product, whichever occurs first. It is the supplier’s responsibility to arrange for shipment with Oshkosh Corporation’s preferred carrier in order to meet the specified due date.

Mandatory fields exist on the ASN and without the proper information populated, the transmission will fail and be sent back to the supplier for correction. If a change to the ASN is required after it has been submitted and accepted, the supplier will need to cancel the first transmission and resubmit a new ASN with a new ASN number. If any questions arise regarding the mandatory fields for the ASN, please contact the EDI Business Analyst. Please note, standard labeling guidelines and ASN compliance requirements also exist for suppliers and can be found in Oshkosh Supplier Standards Guide.

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