856 ASN Hudson's Bay

856 ASN Hudson’s Bay Company Questions And Answers For Vendors

856 ASN Hudson’s Bay Company transaction is one of the most used transactions in business relationships. Some typical FAQs regarding 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay electronic document are given below.

What is the procedure to have an 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay deleted?

First you have to “unconfirm” your appointment through the Q-Logitek apt system. Once the appointment has been “unconfirm”, please contact the EDI support centre with the request, along with your vendor number and the ASN number.  Once the company has completed the deletion you will be notified; at which point you can resend the ASN and reschedule the appointment

Hudson’s Bay Company is unable to delete an ASN when there is a ‘scheduled’ apt, apt MUST be in ‘unconfirmed’ status

My 856 ASN Hudson’s Bay has rejected for overages, I have checked against the PO but cannot find a problem; what should I do?

Once you have confirmed that it is not a true overage (by not transmitting more than what is expected, or transmitting in eaches, ‘EA’, when Hudson’s Bay ordered in cases, ‘CA’.), contact the EDI support team.  The team will ensure that all units on the PO have been allocated.  If they have not, Hudson’s Bay will contact the buying office to allocate.  Once allocated, the EDI support team will reload the ASN.

I sent my ASN but am still getting an alert that it is not loaded, why?

If an ASN is not loaded or has rejected, you will receive an ‘alert’ from the Q-logitek apt scheduling system. You will receive the first notification two business days prior to the appointment date and again the day before the appointment.  If the ASN has been sent and you receive an alert indicating that it has not been sent, please double check to ensure the BOL# on the ASN is IDENTICAL to the BOL# on the apt. Hudson’s Bay system ‘links’ the ASN to the appointment with these 2 fields.  You must also take into consideration the time from when you actually sent the ASN to the time it is picked up and processed (allow for 2 hours processing time).

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