856 Shipping Notice

856 Shipping Notice in Hudson’s Bay Company EDI System

856 Shipping Notice is one of the most important EDI transactions used by partners in the world business. 856 Shipping Notice is applied to trading relationships between Hudson’s Bay Company partners. Today we give the second portion of the FAQs useful for vendors who are planning to start EDI 856 Shipping Notice exchange with Hudson’s Bay.

How far in advance should I send my ASN?

For DC appointments Hudson’s Bay requires that you send ASNs, at minimum, 24-48 hours before the appointment time so the company has enough lead time to resolve issues that may arise.

If the order is Direct to Store the ASNs must be sent at the as the shipment.

Can I book an Appointment then send my ASNs?

You can book an appointment before you send your ASN.  Please ensure that the Bill of Lading entered on your appointment is exactly what will be used on the corresponding ASN or you will receive a notification stating that your ASN is not loaded and a compliance charge will be levied.

If my ASN is rejected at the time of delivery, what options do I have?

If the shipment arrives at the DC and there is no ASN loaded it is likely that the DC will refuse the shipment.  There is a possibility, in extreme circumstances, the DC will book a bulk shipment non ASN but a compliance charge will be levied.  If the shipment is pre-distributed by store, the shipment will be refused.  Hudson’s Bay asks for you to send the ASN a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment as to address any problems that may occur.

Will I receive a non compliance charge if my ASN is not loaded?

Yes, you will receive a compliance charge if the ASN is not loaded at the appointment time. Hudson’s Bay asks for you to send the ASN a minimum of 48hrs before your appointment as to address any problems that may occur.

How many POs can be reference on an ASN?

It is acceptable to transmit multiple POs per ASN as long as all POs are being sent within the acceptable ship window.

I have more than one order, can I send one ASN?

Providing all orders fit on one Truck you can send one ASN. Hudson’s Bay will only accept 1 ASN per truck.  It is unacceptable to transmit 2 or more trucks on 1 ASN.

Hudson’s Bay Company 856 ASN (Part 1)



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