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Ace Hardware EDI Commitment

Ace Hardware EDI department feels that EDI is an essential key to reach market advantage. Company’s commitment to EDI covers all aspects of relationship with vendors including:

  • Electronic transmission of PO;
  • Receipt of ASN;
  • Sharing of Stock Status and Forecasting EDI transactions;
  • Preplan POs;
  • Electronic processing of vendor invoices;
  • Payment of vendor invoices;
  • Electronic Exchange of Carrier data.

Business decisions have always been initiated by the desire to run a more cost effective business. EDI becomes a business choice not a technical issue. Whether you desire on-time delivery of products or long for timely compensation of services rendered, Ace Hardware EDI initiative is your answer. If you are looking to streamline manpower or more accurately project product and market needs, then EDI is for you. Ace Hardware EDI is committed to mutal success and EDI document exchange. It enables partners to complete business transactions faster with less expense and fewer errors.

Ace Hardware EDI initiative benefits

  • Increase Turns.
  • Improve turns and reduce out-of-stock.
  • Save Time for documents processing.
  • Save Money.
  • Reduce Errors.

EDI requirements for vendors 

  • Translation software to translate EDI data.
  • Communications software for data transmission.
  • Use EDI data over the Internet using AS2 (preferred) or through a VAN (Value Added Network).

After a vendor decided to establish partnership with Ace Hardware he should design and implement his own EDI program at the company or use the services of a third party EDI provider. Fill in all needed EDI forms given to vendors. Be sure to read and sign the EDI Agreement. Return it to Ace Hardware. Once receipt and processing of the forms have been completed, one of Ace Hardware EDI Recruiters will contact you to explain the testing process and the testing time frame.

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