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EDI transactions taking part in Ace Hardware EDI Initiative

EDI transactions make standardizing the format of business documents possible. EDI can transfer hundreds of unique business documents between partners with ease and efficiency. The ANSI Commission (American National Standards Institute) is responsible for formatting EDI standards. ANSI periodically reviews and updates the standards in newer ANSI versions.

Find below EDI transactions used by Ace Hardware company and its vendors.

Electronic Purchase Orders (ANSI 850)

More than 1600 vendors are currently using our electronic purchase order application. These EDI transactions:

  • Shorten your order lead time. Suppliers have the ability to access Ace Purchase Orders the same day they are created.
  • Provide a direct interface with your order processing system.
  • Improve order accuracy by eliminating manual entry problems.

Electronic Invoices (ANSI 810)

There are plenty of opportunities for both Ace and vendors in this application. Let’s look at the benefits to the vendors:

Improved Cash Flow

  • Transmitting invoices to Ace Hardware ensures timely processing and payment. EDI allows you to eliminate mail and payment delays because your invoices are no longer lost in transit or misdirected.
  • Ace Hardware processes your invoices the day you transmit them and provide you with a transmission acknowledgment.

Improved Accuracy

Ace edits the information in your transmission to ensure that the data is accurate, complete and ready for the automatic processing. Ace Hardware front-end editing includes

  • Your vendor number and complete remittance address.
  • Your standard cash terms and the payment due date.
  • Ace Hardware dealer’s store number, address and zip code.
  • Ace Hardware RSC address.
  • Ace Hardware purchase order number.

Elimination of Entry and Calculation Errors

All manual key entry and calculations are performed by Ace Hardware system. Ace Hardware automatically processes and calculates:

  • Standard payment due dates.
  • Show specials or dating due dates.
  • Cash discounts.

Ace Hardware recalculates and adds vendor’s invoice lines to verify the invoice totals.

All of the above benefits translate into one huge benefit to you – accurate, timely payments.

Once Ace Hardware has vendor up and running on its EDI transactions invoice application, Ace Hardware then has the mechanism in place to start transmitting payments to vendor via EFT.

Electronic Payments and Remittances (ANSI 820)

The cash flow benefits ofo EDI transactions are obvious. With payments via EFT, the exact date that funds are available in your bank account is guaranteed. You no longer have to rely on the postal service or be concerned that retailer’s check is lost in transit.

Ace Hardware also provides for the electronic transmission of remittance data directly to you. Now here’s a real time saver for you – take our remittance data, incorporate it into you receivables system and eliminate any mutual cash application.

Ace’s ability to pay electronically is limited to those vendors transmitting electronic 810 invoice information. So, if you’re not already transmitting invoices, start today.

Advanced Shipping (ANSI 856)

Advance Ship Notices EDI transactions are a key component to Ace Hardware overall Quick Response Program. Transmission of Advance Shipping Notices allows Ace to:

  • Preprint receiving documents based on what is actually shipped. This allows to place your product in a salable position faster and more efficiently.
  • Provides essential expediting information to merchandising staff eliminating phone calls and freeing up your Customer Service department.

Stock Status (ANSI 852)

This application provides you with daily, weekly or monthly on-hand, on-order and demand information for your products in our 15 retail support centers. This application is also useful for production planning within your organization.

Scheduling / Forecasting (ANSI 830)

Ace can provide you with quantities the retailer is projecting to sell from the retail support centers within a six or 12 month window. This information is available to you on either an annual or semi-annual basis.

Credit / Debit Adjustments (ANSI 812)

In daily process of reconciling invoices to goods receipts or goods receipts to invoices discrepancies normally exists. These discrepancies are usually recovered by charging back the vendor for the amount reported in discrepancy during reconciliation process. Ace is automating the process so that vendor gets notified the same day when the chargeback is issued to the vendor’s account.

Text Message (ANSI 864)

Ace’s trading partners sends the 810 invoices for goods purchase by Ace and for Drop Ship orders placed by Ace Retailers. Each incoming EDI invoice will thoroughly checked for exceptions. In case an exceptions are determined on the EDI transactions 810 invoice an EDI 864 message will be sent back to the vendor as a rejection of invoice. The vendor will have to correct the errors and resend the EDI 810 invoice to get process.

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