Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange

Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program

Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Vendor Program is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. The commitment to EDI covers all aspects of our relationship with Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange vendor partners, including:

  • Electronic transmission of purchase orders.
  • Receipt of Advance Ship Notices, which streamline order processing and expediting.
  • Sharing of Stock Status, helping you preplan for Ace Hardware’s Purchase orders.
  • Electronic processing of vendor invoices.
  • Payment of vendor invoices electronically via EFT and Remittance Advice Data.

Ace Hardware Electronic Data Interchange Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become EDI capable?

You need the ability to exchange EDI data over the Internet using AS2. You can either design and implement your own EDI program or use a third party EDI provider. Ace Hardware can provide a list of recommended third party providers if needed.

How do I begin EDI trading with Ace Hardware?

You need to complete, sign, and return both the EDI Agreement and Trading Partner Profile to Ace Hardware. Upon receipt, Ace Hardware will process the forms and contact you to explain the testing process and time frame.

What method does Ace support for EDI over the Internet?      

We support AS2 with HTTP and HTTP/s.

What type of certificate do I need for sending my EDI data to Ace over the Internet using AS2 HTTP or HTTP/s?     

You need a certificate that will provide data encryption and signing abilities. You can get this certificate from a Certificate Authority such as Verisign, or Ace will accept a self-signed certificate that you create yourself on your EDIINT software product.

What do I need to do for an ID change?     

We require this to be done in writing by email on your company’s letterhead. Please include your current (old) ID, the new ID, the effective date of change, and the contact person.

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