Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271

Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 Transaction Notes (Washington State Health Care Authority)

Acknowledgement Procedures 270/271 transaction subject general HIPAA standard requirements as well as Health Care Authority 270/271 transaction guidelines. HIPAA EDI allows covered entities to submit and retrieve the HIPAA mandated transactions from Washington State Medicaid. Covered entities (clearinghouses, providers, health plans) are required to successfully complete EDI testing for each HIPAA transaction they plan to use in Washington State Health Care Authority EDI operation.

Once the file is submitted by the trading partner and is successfully received by the ProviderOne system, a response in the form of TA1 and 999 acknowledgment transactions will be returned to the trading partner. The ProviderOne system generates positive TA1 and positive 999 acknowledgements, if the submitted HIPAA file meets HIPAA standards related to syntax and data integrity. For files, which do not meet the HIPAA standards a negative TA1 and/or negative 999 are generated and sent to the trading partner.

The Custom Report is a user friendly report that lets submitters know what caused the file to reject. It is the equivalent of a user friendly 999 report. 999 will be generated to indicate the status of a functional group and transaction set. TA1 will be generated to indicate the status of Interchange Control Group. In case of SOAP + WSDL or HTTP MIME Multipart (real time) 999 or TA1 acknowledgements will only be returned if errors exist within the file. If there are no errors then the 999 and TA1 will not be generated.

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