Adient Labeling Requirements For Suppliers

Adient Labeling Requirements

Adient Labeling Requirements adherence, as well as the packaging requirements, is mandatory and will be continuously monitored. Non-compliance to these instructions will be brought to supplier attention through the issuance of a DMR (Discrepant Material Report) by Adient receiving plant. Suppliers must ensure that all materials shipped to Adient are correctly labeled and that the labels are properly attached. When labeling, verify that there are two labels per container on adjacent corners. The label must be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the main side. Whenever possible the label printing should be a bold black type with at least 25mm high letters. No more than one part number is to be packaged in a container or shipped on a pallet (unless noted as a mixed pallet). Supplier owned packaging with “Return to” labels must be located in a clearly visible area that does not interfere with the production identification labels. Label protection against moisture, weathering, abrasion, etc., may be required in harsh environments and is encouraged wherever practical. Care must be taken to assure that labels meet reflectivity and contrast requirements and can be scanned with contact & non-contact devices.

It is the supplier’s responsibility to remove labels on returnable containers & affix a new label prior to shipment, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Adient receiving plant.

All labels affixed to a container must contain the following information:

  1. Adient Part Number
  2. Quantity
  3. Adient Supplier ID Number
  4. Label Serial Number
  5. Part Description
  6. MFG Date (manufacturing date)
  7. Part Revision Level
  8. Lot Number/Batch Number/Heat Code/Etc.
  9. International Build Statement (i.e. Made in Mexico) (Mandatory for Parts Crossing Borders)
  10. Manufacturing Address (Actual address of supplier’s final assembly plant – name should Mirror Adient scorecard plant location description to the fullest extent possible).

All containers must have the final Adient destination information affixed either as a master label on the skid or within their standard label format affixed to each container. Data required includes Adient site name, Adient site number (when known), Address, city, state and postal code.

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