Advance Shipping Notice

Advance Shipping Notice Requirements For Mills Fleet Farm EDI Vendors

Advance Shipping Notice should be sent 48 hours prior to any shipment arriving at any/all of Mills Fleet Farm distribution centers/warehouses. Advance Shipping Notice should be an accurate inventory of all items that actually shipped. Therefore an Advance Shipping Notice should be sent when the doors close on the trailer of which the product was loaded. Any exception to Mills Fleet Farm policy of requiring the ASN 48 hours in advance can be extended to local suppliers if approved by Mills Fleet Farm prior to shipping.

For collect shipments, the BOL provided to you by DHL once the shipment is planned and tendered will contain a Shipment ID (SID number). This number is also known as the BOL number. This number must be referenced when sending the Advance Shipping Notice back to Mills Fleet Farm.

Information Required

Please verify that all of the following information is included on the ASN and is accurate. If a Purchase Order requires multiple shipments or deliveries, an ASN must be provided for each shipment or delivery:

  • Purchase order number(s), do not eliminate preceding zeros
  • Stock number (as they appear on the order)
  • Quantity shipped according to stock number
  • Container number (For import orders)

Method of Transmission

EDI is Mills Fleet Farm preferred method of ASN transmission, however ASNs may also be transmitted via email. Please use only one method of transmission or the other, as sending both causes misunderstanding and data errors. Until your EDI program is tested and approved, you must provide an emailed ASN. You must also provide an emailed ASN in the event an EDI cannot be submitted. An ASN functional acknowledgment is automatically submitted to the supplier verifying the document was received. This functional acknowledgment only indicates the document was received, it does not verify the data was accurate.

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