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Advanced EDI Training Webinars Schedule For September 2018

Advanced EDI Training webinars are customized for advanced EDI students. Basic courses are prerequisite for joining advanced lessons. Mail us for more info – email Read about basic courses

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* $250 per session per person.
* 20% discount for all sessions (email
* 20% discount for groups of two or more from one company.
* Attendee will be certified by the EDI Academy after all courses completion.
* 100+ page course manual, other educational resources.

EDI 401 – Advanced Course: E-Commerce EDI & Change Order AutomationWednesday, September 26th 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EST 

Change Order Processing

Most organizations today handle the PO change manually. The key to automating change orders is to refine the business rules and processes. Examples of how some suppliers have been able to successfully automate the processing of change orders.

E-Commerce EDI Best Practices

How to avoid common pitfalls and master transactions such as the 855 PO Acknowledgement, 869 Order Status Inquiry, 870 Order Status Report and 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice. Boost productivity, reduce errors and improve trading partner relationships..

EDI 410 – Advanced Course: EDI for Finance, Inventory & TransportationFriday September 28th, 11:00 – 12:30 PM EST

EDI for Finance

How to implement EDI transactions such as the 820 RA/Payment and the 823 Lockbox. Improve productivity and reduce costs and errors in your treasury and accounts receivable departments.

EDI for Inventory & Sales

Best practices for EDI transactions such as the 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice, 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice, and the 852 Product Activity Data.

EDI for Transportation

Transportation EDI is very powerful but underutilized. 3PL’s, freight carriers, suppliers and retailers can benefit from learning how to manage transactions such as 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice, 204 Load Tender, 210 Invoice, 214.

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