All Industries EDI Training Bundle: The detailed content

Let’s get closer to EDI Academy training. Learn the detailed content of All Industries EDI Training Bundle. Register at the best price (early-bird).

EDI 101 – Introduction To EDI

  • History and Origin of EDI 
  • Major EDI Advances
  • How EDI is applied in different industries
  • The Business Need for EDI Introduction to EDI standards
  • EDI Components Overview
  • EDI Software and Hardware Technology Environment

EDI 110 – EDI Connectivity and On-Boarding

  • EDI On-Boarding Best Practices
  • EDI Connectivity – VAN
  • EDI Connectivity – AS2/FTP
  • EDI Connectivity – Best Practices
  • Document Tracking and Monitoring Concepts
  • Information about third-party EDI Service providers
  • Information about EDI Testing

EDI 201 – EDI Enveloping & Structure 

  • EDI Enveloping ISA-GS-ST-SE
  • Key terms related to the structure of EDI (e.g. qualifier, segment, terminator, delimiter)
  • Instructions on using the ANSI X12 manual to look at transactions, segments, and data elements
  • Instructions on viewing EDI Implementation Guides and Mapping Specs

EDI 301 – 850,810, 856 ASN and UCC-128 Labels 

  • Deciphering EDI 850 Purchase Order 
  • Deciphering EDI 810 Invoice
  • Deciphering 856 ASN – Standard Pack
  • Deciphering 856 ASN – Pick &Pack
  • Advanced Ship Notice – ASN Best Practices
  • ASN Tare Levels
  • UCC-128 Barcode Label

EDI 401 – Advanced Course: Acknowledgements, E-Commerce EDI & Change Order Automation 

  • 997 Acknowledgement & 824 Application Advice 
  • 860 Change Order Processing & Automation. Intro to 860s and a case study on how some suppliers have been able to successfully automate the processing of change orders.
  • E-Commerce EDI Best Practices. This workshop will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and master transactions, such as the 855 PO Acknowledgement and the 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice.

EDI 410 – Advanced Course: EDI for Finance, Inventory & Transportation 

  • EDI for Finance: This workshop will show you how to implement EDI transactions such as the 820 RA/Payment and the 823 Lockbox. Finance *EDI can help you improve productivity and reduce costs and errors in your treasury and accounts receivable departments. 
  • EDI for Inventory & Sales: An inventory management system is incomplete without EDI. Learn best practices for EDI transactions such as the 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice, 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice, and the 852 Product Activity Data. This will enable you to provide inventory visibility to your partners and optimize inventory to meet goals for product availability and ROI. Learn best practices for implementing the 852 and other EDI-related transactions and watch your sales department reap the rewards.
  • EDI for Transportation: 3PL’s, freight carriers, suppliers and retailers can benefit from learning how to manage transactions such as 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice, 204 Load Tender, 210 Invoice, 214.

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