Ameritech EDI Guides

Ameritech EDI Guides: Gateway, Billing Transmission, Enveloping and Transactions

Ameritech EDI Gateway is an electronic bridge between companies, networks and third party providers. It is a full function store and forward mailbox with interconnections to major networks. Ameritech provides trading partners a mailbox and free access to the Gateway for sending and receiving EDI Billing Products. If a trading partner wishes to use their existing VAN to send the 820 transaction, interconnections to these VANs can be arranged.

EDI Billing Transmission

The EDI Billing Transmission consists of one or more 820 transactions and the required EDI Enveloping as shown in the following diagram. A trading partner may transmit 820s whenever desired; during the business day or at any other time, and as many times per day as desired. Ameritech’s bank, and most value-added banks, will process the 820s they receive once per business day.

EDI Enveloping

EDI Enveloping has two components, the Interchange Envelope (ISA/IEA) and the Functional Group Envelope (GS/GE). The Interchange Envelope is used to route the transaction through telecommunication links from the sender to receiver. It also has security and authorization codes and transaction version information. The Functional Group envelope is used to group a series of like transactions into a single envelope. The 820 Transaction Set uses the “PG” Functional Group Identifier.

EDI Transactions

EDI Transactions are a series of data segments and elements used to represent common business documents in a standardized computer readable format. Ameritech uses the EDI transactions as defined by the national EDI standards setting committee called ANSI X12. Ameritech also follows industry guidelines established by the Telecommunication Industry Forum (TCIF) EDI Committee and is an active member of this industry group.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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