ANSI Standards

ANSI Standards For the USA Commercial Initiative

ANSI Standards were developed by the American National Standards Institute and represent guidelines used by all industries in the US. ANSI Standards provide common procedures required to receive ANSI accreditation. ANSI Standards give the possibility to assure standards adoption, improve processes and minimize unnecessary work modification.

Standards can be called international commercial language. This commonly approved set of rules allows goods and money flow across borders between thousands of parties. It is quite necessary to accept global business standards in order to succeed in international trade. The tremendous volumes and complexity of modern global business cannot be imagined without accepted standards. Standards are essential to a sound national economy and to the facilitation of global commerce.

The United States is a market-driven, highly diversified society, and its ANSI standards system encompasses and reflects this framework – standards developers share a common vision for meeting stakeholder needs. Sharing of this common vision by public and private sectors as well as the government is very important for national and global economics. Standards should be implemented on all levels – federal, state and local.

ANSI has a unique role of leading US standard body. It coordinates and promotes voluntary consensus standards and represents the US in non-treaty international and regional standards-setting activities. Thanks to ANSI standards cross-section of public and private sector interests were brought together. ANSI represents the principles and strategy of the United States standards developing initiative and participates in the international standards-setting process.

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