Application Software

Application Software: Description And Types

Application Software is a software used to perform single or several functions specific to the definite computer environment. Application software literally means a program (group of programs) designed for the end user in certain business environment. Speaking about business application software we should mention software used in retail, logistics, warehousing, accounting for handling business transactions like purchase orders, invoices, sales orders etc.

Application Software Types

In modern era of Internet many applications are delivered through a web form (web applications) accessed via web browser. The simplest examples of web application are social media, e-mail programs, online translators etc. Another type is a SaaS application (software-as-a-service) closely related to web applications (e.g., Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud).  SaaS data is usually stored in a cloud computing environment. SaaS applications can be accessed not only via a web browser but also via a mobile app on a smartphone or a tablet.

Killer app is a new media buzzword. It was created to speak about a very useful, good app that “kills” (surpasses) its competitors

An interesting question – if there is a difference between words “application” and “app”? Actually, “app” is the abbreviation for “application”. But “app” refers to a specific type of application with a single purpose and functionality while an “application” is designed for a number of functions. Also we should mention the difference between desktop and mobile applications (apps). The word app in most cases is used to downloading mobile applications software (on smartphone or tablet). Application commonly refers to desktop applications. Why such difference exists and what is the background for this? Single purpose applications (apps) are more common for mobile platforms. Multi-purpose (multi-functional) applications are usually delivered through desktops. However, sometimes these criteria does not work, and apps can be run on desktops while applications are delivered on mobile devices.

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