Area Transaction Set

Area Transaction Set (Electronic Data Interchange) Definition

Area Transaction Set in Electronic Data Interchange means a predefined area within a transaction set (header, detail or summary) that contains segments and their attributes. As we know, a transaction can be divided into four information sections – envelope, header, detail, and summary. For EDI document transmission special segments are used – they are also known as envelope wraps and are enclosed in the transaction set. A usual envelope contains IDs and other information needed for electronic document transfer (to and from definite locations).

The header area defines the information common to the entire transaction set. The detail area defines the baseline item information and can occur (loop) multiple times. The summary area defines the information like quantity totals and pertains to the entire transaction. The common area transaction set structure gives flexibility in composing and further changing EDI documents without causing problems to existing processes. The existing structure also allows different companies and organizations adapt EDI documents. However, EDI translator or corresponding software is required.

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