Getting Started With Arkansas Medicaid HIPAA EDI Transactions

Tens of millions of Americans have Medicaid Insurance. Medicaid is insurance provided by the state. Arkansas is one of the Medicaid agencies using EDI. Arkansas has about 500,000 Medicaid members. According to the managed care organization (MCO) for Arkansas can be any carrier but the Member Health Plans include:

Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield & Arkansas Total Care (Centene)

Arkansas uses standard HIPAA EDI Transactions which are listed below.

For connectivity Arkansas uses SFTP and SOAP Real-Time Web Services.

Interesting facts about their transactions:

  • Batch size: 2,000 claims per ST/SE
  • ISA Sender/Receiver Qualifier/ID is 30/716007869 … 30 is a qualifier for a tax ID.
  • Like most payer trading partners (health plans) they will us their ISA ID also as their Submitter/Receiver ID in NM109 where qualifier is 46 (ETIN-Electronic Transmitter’s Identification number)

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