AS1 protocol

AS1 (Applicability Statement 1) EDI-INT Specification

AS1 (Applicability Statement 1) is a standard that is based on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME). Applicability Statement 1 is part of a series of standards (AS2 (Applicability Statement 2), AS3 (Applicability Statement 3) and AS4 (Applicability Statement 4) aimed to meet the needs of email users.

Applicability Statement 1 is EDI-INT specification and provides consistency for email communications between businesses. Applicability Statement 1 provides a security standard and authentication for emails as well as message integrity and electronic mails privacy. One of the features of the Applicability Statement 1 standard is that it guarantees that the recipient has received the message.

Applicability Statement 1 end-to-end encryption is accomplished through the use of asymmetric encryption keyed with the public and private parts of properly exchanged X.509 certificates. Guaranteed delivery is possible due to using encryption, digital signatures and other technologies. Also security is provided through the use of the public and private parts of properly exchanged X.509 certificates.

Today many software developing companies sell products that support AS2 but not AS1 or AS3. AS1 can be treated as an unpopular implementation of the AS2 protocol. But Applicability Statement 1 structure and design allow many businesses to implement this protocol without investing in extra file transfer technology. AS1 can be implemented internally with the reliable email access.

Actually any data can be transmitted via Applicability Statement 1. The Applicability Statement 1 transport mechanisms are not restricted to any specific data format. Both AS1 and AS2 will work with almost any data type including EDI, XML, TXT, DOC, XLS and ebXML. AS1 and AS2 protocols both offer the most secure data transport available for businesses.

AS1 software requirements are the following: Email server (Microsoft Exchange 5.5 SP2 or Lotus Notes R4.6 or higher), Encryption security certificate (from a certificate authority such as Verisign, Entrust or Thawte), Modem (if connecting to the email server via dial-up).

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