AS2 EDI Communication

AS2 EDI Communication Guidelines For Volvo Group Suppliers And Partners

AS2 EDI Communication guides will help Volvo Group suppliers and partners successfully pass AS2 set up and testing phase. Signed MDN/Signature/Encryption*  used only in Secure scenario. If you want to use encryption and/or sign, Volvo will need your certificate to encrypt files with and your certificate to verify your signature. Volvo will then provide you with the certificate that is used by the company for signing and should be used by you to encrypt the files sent to Volvo. Available Signature digest algorithm: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512. Available Encryption algorithms (recommended is 3DES or AES/256): 3DES, AES/128, AES/192, AES/256, RC2/128, RC2/40, RC2/64.

Firewall details

N.B. Incoming and outgoing IP-addresses are different because of HW (cluster) solutions. Identity sending files from Volvo or If possible configure your firewalls to accept files from 192.138.117*

SSL Certificate details

You need a SSL Certificate issued by an approved Certificate Authority (CA). Please make sure to add the domain host name in the certificate request and do not use a static IP as host name. Volvo only supports a push scenario. Files must be pushed from AS2 client to AS2 server. Polling files not allowed.

 Authentication policy

Volvo support server authentication by verifying CA’s (certificate authorities) as trust model. If server certificate has been verified by trusted CA, Volvo will trust the server. Volvo does not use/require client authentication. Volvo uses TLS line security (session encryption only). Session authentication should be done with AS2ID.

Volvo support both data encryption and data signatures in message security layer. Volvo is using differentiated authentication policies for AS2. The differentiated authentication policies depend on the scenario to be used. The code representation will be ASCII and the record length will be Unstructured. Please notify Volvo if you want another code representation and/or record length.

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