ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee X12): Uniform Standards For Global EDI

ASC X12 was chartered by the Accredited Standards Committee X12 to join North American companies using Electronic Data Interchange under common inter-industry standards. Today ASC X12 standards are supported by approximately half million companies using EDI transactions around the world. ASC X12 is closely connected to UN/EDIFACT messages standard applied outside the USA.

ASC X12 covers various industries – health care, insurance, government, banking warehousing, logistics, food, production materials and serves for manufacturing, supply, transportation and retail.

The standards (including XML schemes) are being regularly updated and constantly improved. This all helps to effectively drive global business processes. The members of the committee meet regularly to discuss, develop and maintain EDI standards. As a result EDI streamlines and facilitates electronic interchange of business transactions.

Common EDI transactions supported by X12 include order placement, order processing, shipping and receiving information, invoicing, payment etc. The total number of business transactions covered by X12 is about 320. This gives possibility to manage and conduct mostly all business operations.

ASC X12 consists of different leadership groups. One of the groups is a Board of Directors and Steering Committee. The Board is responsible for organizational and business issues while the Steering Committee manages operational issues, standards development and publications.

The main goal of X12 is to publish simple and efficient consensus-based standards that are responsive to the needs of modern business, promote precise use of standards with educational and collaboration support around the world. The organization takes in account modern technologies while developing new products. The basis for successful operation is constant collaboration with other organizations, including related standards organizations. Such cooperation helps to   reduce redundancy, increase interoperability, and provide clear information to implementers. ASC X12 activities help to establish a financial model that is efficient in any country and in any branch of business.

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