ASN No Charge Merchandise And Additional Guides For Nordstrom Vendors

ASN No Charge MerchandiseASN No Charge Merchandise refer to testers, samples etc. Shipments containing ‘no charge’ merchandise must be packed in separate cases from the retail merchandise and clearly marked as ‘NO CHARGE’. Separate inner cartons of ‘no charge’ merchandise may be packed within large cases of retail merchandise and must be clearly marked as ‘NO CHARGE’ and maintain separation from retail merchandise.

ASN No Charge Merchandise are not required for ‘no charge’ merchandise shipped in this manner. ‘No charge’ merchandise shipped in any other manner, including loose within cases containing retail merchandise must have valid UPCs within the Nordstrom inventory system and must be accurately represented within the ASN No Charge Merchandise for that shipment. Expense offset fees will be accessed for inaccurate ASNs containing ‘no charge’ merchandise that do not meet these requirements.

Vendor Accuracy Audit Program

Nordstrom uses warehouse management technology to receive merchandise via the supplier’s ASN. Suppliers must make every effort to ensure that shipments are 100% accurate. Nordstrom’s audit program samples a percentage of all shipments received against the corresponding ASN to monitor accuracy. If the sample does not match what was indicated per the ASN an inaccurate offset expense will result.

Re-transmitting ASN Data

ASN data can be retransmitted to Nordstrom at any time prior to the shipment’s arrival in the distribution center. If retransmitting, please use the same ASN number (BSN02) and a code of ‘07’ in the BSN01. To ensure correct retransmission the new or corrected ASN must maintain the same sub-bill of lading value PO/DC combination as the original. This is the value sent in the REF/BM. This will allow the “new” ASN to overwrite the original ASN in the warehouse management system. If the “new” data reaches warehouse management system before the warehouse personnel begin to process the shipment and all other information within the transmission is accurate, no expense offset fee should be incurred. However, if the shipment arrives before the “new” ASN is received the shipment will be received with the original ASN data. Please note, to avoid duplication errors, we advise waiting 60 minutes before re-transmitting the corrected EDI 856.

Nordstrom sends a 997 (functional acknowledgment) back within 24 hours for any inbound file it receives. Please be aware a 997 indicates receipt of a file only. A 997 does not indicate the data was processed through Nordstrom’s warehouse management system successfully. To ensure Nordstrom is receiving any 856 files sent, please be sure to monitor 997’s received.

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