EDI pick and pack

Hierarchical structure examples: Pick and Pack

Following is an example of Pick and Pack EDI 856 transaction hierarchical structure. Each box in the diagram represents a detail loop (one HL segment followed by data segments) in a Ship Notice/Manifest transaction set.

In this example, the shipment contains 2 orders. The first order has 3 cartons. The first carton contains a quantity of 2 SKUs (Items). The second carton contains 2 SKUs (Items). The third carton contains 1 SKU (Item). The second order contains one carton with quantities of 3 different SKUs (Items).

The data segments in a single Pack level will uniquely identify only one physical shipping container. The data segments in the associated Item levels specify the SKU contents of the shipping container.

  • Top-down/left-right reporting sequence is used
  • The Item level is subordinate to the packaging level
  • Only one shipping container in a single packaging level

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