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The transaction set can be used to provide all the information necessary for a terminal operation, port authority or intermodal ramp to communicate terminal and intermodal ramp activities (e.g., “ingates” and “outgates”) to authorized parties to a shipment SAMPLE Implementation Guide: https://www.bnsf.com/customers/pdf/BNSF_322v4010.pdf x12 322 Terminal Operations and Intermodal Ramp Activity Raw Data Example: ISA*00* *00* *12*9492488190 *12*9086880888 *140616*1201*U*00401*200000397*0*P*> GS*SO*9492488190*9086880888*20140616*1201*200000397*X*004010VICS ST*322*1001 Read More →

EDI X12 315

EDI X12 315 Status Details (Ocean) Transaction Set EDI X12 315 Transaction Set contains information necessary to report status and event details for selected shipments and containers.  It is intended to accommodate the details for one status or event associated with many shipments or containers, as well as more than one status or event for one shipment or container. The transaction set also allows Read More →

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    Getting Started With Arkansas Medicaid HIPAA EDI Transactions Tens of millions of Americans have Medicaid Insurance. Medicaid is insurance provided by the state. Arkansas is one of the Medicaid agencies using EDI. Arkansas has about 500,000 Medicaid members. According to medicaid.gov the managed care organization (MCO) for Arkansas can be any carrier but Read More →


On September 4th, 2019 X12.org updated their home page with the latest 7030 Update. The X12N work group is responsible for 007030 TR3s (Technical-Report-Type 3) also known as HIPAA Implementation Guides. A public review period for each health care EDI Transaction must be conducted before these guides can become official. Below is the latest information Read More →