Code identifying the Reference Identification You’ll find these values used mostly in REF-01 and N9-01 data elements. Examples IA Internal Vendor Number REF*IA*0057216*DEL RIO MKT INC DP Department Number REF*DP*916 PD Promotion Deal Number REF*PD*23916 DB Buyer’s Debit Memo REF*DB*4656 BM Bill of Lading Number REF*BM*1130050996 2I Tracking Number REF*2I*1Z204E380338943508 PRT Product Type REF*PRT*SOSTS CO Read More →

Code identifying an organizational entity, a physical location, property or an individual Examples ST Ship-To N1*ST*WAL-MART DC 6094J-JIT*UL*0078742035260 SF Ship-From  N1*SF*XYZ Widgets Inc*92*X6751X0 VN Vendor N1*VN*Dog Food Company*ZZ*0263 PE Payee  N1*PE*COMMUNITY PHYSICIANS GROUP PR Payer  N1*PR*ARKANSAS MEDICAID MF Manufacturer of Goods  N1*MF*SBH INTIMATES INC.*92*000062535 SU Supplier  N1*SU*Bel Cheese Canada Inc.*9*6275820000015 BS Bill & Ship To  Read More →

Code designating the system/method of code structure used for Identification Code You’ll find these codes used in the N103 of the N1 segments in X12. Examples 92 = Assigned by buyer or buyer’s agent N1*RE*GRAYBAR ELECTRIC COMPANY*92*31 UL = Global Location Number N1*ST*WAL-MART DC 6094J-JIT*UL*0078742035260 ZZ = Mutually Defined N1*VN*Dog Food Company*ZZ*0263 Full list of Read More →

EDI Standards

International EDI Standards: ASC X12 and UN/EDIFACT International EDI Standards were developed during the worldwide spread of EDI transactions. Some EDI transaction sets that are still in use today were created in 1975 when the TDCC (Transportation Data Coordinating Committee) gathered representatives from the transportation industry to create a first set of formal EDI transaction standards. Read More →