Auto Replenishment

Auto Replenishment Requirements

Hibbett’s Auto Replenishment (AR) requirements for replenished merchandise are intended to decrease the time it takes for merchandise to reach the stores, maximizing sales for Hibbett and the trading partner, and improving customer satisfaction. To be considered for Hibbett’s AR program, a vendor must:

  1. Mark 100% of merchandise with UPC and the Hibbett retail price or suggested retail price if approved by the Buyer.
  2. Provide a UPC catalog electronically.
  3. Have merchandise available for AR to achieve a 95% or greater fill rate.
  4. Have the ability to receive an EDI purchase order (850). Hibbett AR orders are transmitted with a Stand Alone “SA” PO type.
  5. Send a carton level EDI Ship Notice (856) with a valid GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label.
  6. Send an electronic invoice (810) by shipment by PO.
  7. Be able to ship complete in 5 working days or less. Late orders, substitutions or incomplete orders (fill rate less than 95%) are not acceptable.
  8. Jointly set goals and objectives for quick response with the Hibbett Buyer resulting in pre-agreed performance targets for sales, stock turn, gross margin and in-stock percentage while working to develop strategies to maximize return on inventory.
  9. Accurately forecast future merchandise needs in conjunction with the Hibbett Buyer.
  10. Vendor must provide case and inner quantity for bulk items to the Hibbett Buyer prior to item setup.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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