Autoneum EDI

Autoneum EDI Requirements For Exchange of Information and Data

Autoneum EDI is required for all suppliers who are expected to use this form of communication (EDI). Those who are not currently taking advantage of Autoneum EDI communication will be strongly encouraged to do so. Suppliers should use it to receive and transmit information such as delivery schedules and ASN’s to Autoneum. Suppliers who do not have existing EDI links to Autoneum but have the technical ability to do so, should establish an EDI system based on a schedule agreed with the Autoneum EDI Service and Support.

Autoneum WebEDI is an internet-based information system for suppliers to communicate with Autoneum and can be used if suppliers do not possess the necessary infrastructure to establish a direct EDI link. The requirement for accessing the WebEDI platform is an existing internet connection as well as internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). In addition, suppliers need a WebEDI User-Account which they can obtain after completing the Supplier Data

Shipping and labelling

In order to improve the Autoneum receiving process, the supplier must release an electronic ASN using the existing direct EDI or Web EDI. Labelling requirements for small load carriers, small cardboard boxes on the pallet:

  • Use a minimum of one single label
  • In case of small load carriers place the label in the label holder. On cardboard boxes place it in a way that is visible when the whole SU2 is completed
  • Ensure that label is of sufficient thickness to remain securely located in a holder. If necessary a small sticker(s) may be required to secure the label
  • Do not use self adhesive labels on small load carriers
  • Use low adhesive stickers to help fix the labels on small load carriers. If a single part number is being shipped, use a master label. The master label should be attached to the adjacent sides of the SU2, attaching it using low adhesive stickers.
  • If multiply part numbers are being shipped within one SU2, use a Master load label for each material.

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