Baker and Tailor EDI

Baker and Tailor EDI guidelines for business partners

Baker and Tailor EDI procedures for enabling partners to do business with Baker & Taylor via EDI shoud be mentioned before initiating testing. The publisher should be compliant with Baker and Tailor EDI Requirements.

Baker and Tailor EDI 850/855 Testing

  • 855’s are a mandatory requirement for setting up EDI with B&T.  In addition to being compliant with B&T’s 855 specifications the partner will need to provide a list of test ISBN’s that cover the status codes B&T requires for testing.
  • Baker & Taylor requires an 855 be sent back within 48 hours of receiving an 850 from the company.
  • The partner’s EDI contact should then contact B&T’s EDI Systems Analyst to set up a date for testing and exchange information on what method will be used to transmit documents. If a VAN will be used, the partner is responsible for adding B&T as a trading partner to their VAN.  B&T will be responsible for setting up the vendor as a trading partner with B&T’s VAN.  If FTP direct will be used, B&T will host the FTP directory and provide the vendor with a login and password information.
  • The EDI Systems Analyst will create a test 850 with the ISBN’s provided by the vendor and send it in whichever method was agreed upon.
  • Based on the test 850, the vendor will provide a test 855 Acknowledgement based on B&T’s 855 specifications.
  • When B&T receives the 855 it will be reviewed for format and content. If there are any issues, the vendor will be notified and a new test will be done.  This will be repeated until all format and contents are considered acceptable by B&T.
  • When testing is complete B&T will notify all necessary depts to move the vendor into production for EDI Orders and Acknowledgements.

Baker and Tailor EDI 810 Invoices

  • Before initiating testing of 810 Invoices, the vendor should be compliant with the specifications set by B&T for 810’s.  B&T will require that the vendor send approximately 10-25 test invoices. The test invoices should cover a variety of ISBN’s, quantities and discount “multipliers”, NOT .50.  ex. Discount is 60%, multiplier should reflect .40.
  • When the vendor is ready to test, contact B&T’s EDI Systems Analyst to set up a testing date. The transport method to be used to exchange documents will be discussed and agreed upon at that time.
  • On the agreed testing date the vendor should send the invoices using the transport method agreed upon.  B&T will test for format and content.  If there are any issues, the vendor will be notified and a new test will be done.  This will be repeated until the format and content is considered acceptable by B&T.
  • When the testing is complete the EDI Systems Analyst will contact the necessary dept.(s) at B&T to move the vendor into production.
  • Vendors should only send EDI invoices for book shipments against B&T purchase orders.  NO Non-Shipment bills such as re-bills to correct and incorrect discount or for sending back rejected returns, etc.
  •  The Invoice Date should be the date the product was shipped.

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