Barcode Application

Barcode Application, Placement and Supplier Check List

* Supply Chain Guidelines by Retail Value Chain Federation

There are general industry guidelines about label placement on the carton. The GS1 Logistics Label Guidelines suggest symbol placement should be at least 1.25 inches from the natural base and .75 inches from the side. Retailers may have more specific guidelines on label placement. Labels too close to an edge or corner can be effected by carton crush. If a carton is overpacked with soft goods, labels toward the center of the carton may be subjected to abrasion if the carton bulges.

There are common sense rules about not placing the label, so the barcode goes around the edge of the carton, and not placing another label over the logistics label.

Supplier Barcode Check List

  • Create routine schedules for printer maintenance, including verifying printer settings, cleaning and calibration.
  • Ensure the labels are the proper type for the printers used and are quality labels (not necessarily the cheapest available).
  • Make sure labels are stored properly so they remain dry and clean. If recycled paper is used for labels it needs to be sufficiently white and not contain dark specs.
  • Labels bought in bulk may deteriorate over time when they get dirty, absorb moisture, lose adhesiveness, etc.
  • Labels coming off the line should be tested and graded with a barcode validator at regular intervals.
  • Put efficient processes in place to allow employees to swap out printers that are not working properly; reprint a label if torn or mis-applied; adjust ASN data if a shortage is found during picking and packing. Encourage employees to stop the line and fix the issues.

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