Nexteer Barcode

Nexteer Barcode information

The following characters are used in the 2D barcode. They help determine the beginning and ending of data streams and data fields.

  • Each 2D label must start with the Message and Format Header: [)>R S06
  • Each field must start with the group separator before the data identifier:

G SP12345678

  • Each 2D label must end with the record separator and message trailer: R S EOT

The mixed load label requires that a record separator and format header be used for each block of part data. In the following example the part number, rev level, PO and quantity make up the block of part data:

R S06G SP12345678G S2PRA12G SK123456789012G SQ1536R S

Using additional barcode symbols on shipping packages is discouraged but may be appropriate in certain circumstances.

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