Nexteer Barcode

Nexteer Barcode Information And Symbology

For the 6.0 inch wide by 4.0 inch high label and in accordance with the current Global Supplier Shipping Label Specs, the barcode symbology used SHALL be Code 39 and Code 128. Because the Nexteer Automotive part number could reach a maximum length of 14 characters and the physical space on the label for the Lot # field, Code 128 SHALL be utilized. Use of Code 128 allows for the proper quiet zone. For the smaller labels, Code 128 SHALL be used for all barcoded fields. All Labels will contain a PDF 417 2D Barcode.

The four characters ($, /, +, %) SHALL NOT be used on the Shipping/Part Identification Label. Suppliers SHALL NOT include spaces in barcode fields unless Nexteer Automotive passes the data to you with embedded spaces. For code 39 or code 128, the check digits SHALL NOT be added to the barcodes or human readable interpretation.

Nexteer Label Guides

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